Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

is math homework?! Kai is hilarious. He said that's what he wants for Christmas. He did this math book from front to back today. It took about two hours and we took a half hour break to go to the park in between. He's so nerdy and I love it! He needed some help with the instructions but he was sounding out the words pretty well on his own. My little boy is all grown up!
{Isn't he such a mini Gary?!}
He was seriously giddy with excitement that he could add 8+7 and 10+10 etc.
Koen sat at the table with him and coloured and played with playdough. I don't feel emotional (yet) that Kai is going to kindergarten. I'm more just really excited for him. I LOVED school (and Gary really enjoyed it too) so I'm thinking that Kai will too. I hope part time is enough for him!

Now he can ask his teacher a billion questions instead of me. I hope he tells me what he does each day. I hope he still thinks that his mommy is super smart:)

Bon nuit.
Love, Louise


  1. that's the sweetest thing! its so great that you two have such a passion for learning/teaching! he looks so grown up in the first photo!

  2. jantina8:47 AM

    so cute! love my kai bear!~

  3. good job kai:) ps - he's got great teeth!!

  4. He'll still think you are super smart for a few more years! (I have teenagers) So great to have enthusiastic learners!