Monday, February 21, 2011


Such a great weekend. The sun was out and Gary was home. So good.

On Friday night we went out for dinner. I don't actually enjoy going out to eat as a family because you basically spend 4X the amount of money that you would to make that food at home AND eating out with the kids isn't what I call relaxing. Anyway, Kai has his first Pirate Pack and only ate the grapes. Immediately I knew he was pretty sick because not eating is the biggest indicator for him. The next morning he woke us up saying `I just threw up'. Great. All day Saturday he just laid on the couch and ate nothing except for a bowl of ice cream at dinner time. He had a fever on Saturday night which always stresses me out so I didn't fall asleep until the meds brought it down. In positive news, Koen is now healthy-ish!
{Getting Koen in the morning. One hand on `Blue' the other on his sippy cup with water. Always.}
Koen and I ran spent Saturday together buying him some used ice skates and then going to Riley's first birthday party. I probably should have brought my camera. I can never decide whether to take it or not but after seeing Riley's gorgeous eyes in the natural light, I knew I should've brought it:)
On Sunday morning we skipped church due to Kai being so sick and I went to Queen Elizabeth Park for a family photo session. How have I never been there before? It was gorgeous! After that, I went to our first football practice of the season. It was so nice to be outside exercising, with friends, and playing football. So good for the soul, ya know?

When I came home, Gary had done 3 loads of laundry, washed the van with the kids, and made dinner and dessert (chocolate mousse!!). Wow, it sure was nice to have some time away and come home to that! Having Gary home every evening is so awesome.

So many photographers are at the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) conference in Vegas right now which is for photographers of all levels. One day I will go. One day. I would really love to go with Gary but he is always working during that time.

Okay, time for tea:) Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Love, Louise


  1. I will go to WPPI with you one day and try to soak up the talent of all the photographers while you attend sessions :)
    Hope Kai feels better soon!

  2. it was a beautiful weekend indeed! :)
    Sorry Kai is sick - hopefully it passes very quickly.
    We had our wedding pictures at Queen Elizabeth Park (maybe that's where we should have our 10year ones done...?). And we've done our share of ice-blocking there too :) great place. beautiful!
    i love chocolate mousse :)