Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kai Bear

Kai's almost healthy. Koen is now sick. Again. He lasted 2 days without a cold.
I wish I could say that we were non stop fun over here but we are kind of the opposite. I'm just trying to keep the kids rested so that they can get better. Koen's quiet time is getting pretty ridiculous. After ripping up several books, I removed a lot of things from his room. I have to run up there several times throughout his quiet time as he will run to the bathroom and flush the toilet or he'll start the water in the bath. However, I need him to have that quiet time!!
Kai is a good kid. He says he wants to be a science teacher when he's older so he can teach kids about the human body and space. Gary and I smiled at each other when he said that:) Those are the topics they are learning about at preschool right now and he LOVES it.
Kai said I can take his picture tomorrow so I'm looking forward to it. I think he's pretty cute.


  1. I totally hear you on the "I need him to have a nap," thing. On days when there is no break for Mommy, everything gets harder.

  2. I laughed at your nap comment. It is so true, isn't it? Kids outgrow their quiet time long before the moms do. Oh how I miss that nap time!

  3. Kai bear is SO cute!

  4. I'm sorry that you are dealing with sickness. Sick kids are not fun. Hopefully everyone is better soon.

  5. Luckily Finn napped until 3. I stuck with quiet time for a few months but have to confess that I've resorted to Sid the Science Guy for Finn and a nap for me :)