Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Not Too Nice

1.First off...just a short little video of Kai doing his penguin walk today:) He's in the middle of the screen in the black camouflage jacket and black helmet. I'll have to bring my 70-200mm lens next time to get a closer look...

2. I got my hair highlighted this evening. I got home and Koen said `Nice hair!' (Gary told him to say that). Kai added, `But not too nice'. He thought it would be better curled and in a pony tail. It was down and straightened.
{Big baby Kenzie, 4.5 months old}
3. We've been seeing a lot of my nieces lately... play dates with the cousins are soooo easy. They just all play nicely together and we don't have to watch over them or anything. They love playing `Numberjacks' together which is based off the tv show that no one knows about. They are all assigned a number and they solve mysteries. All four of the big kids play together nicely, it's awesome!!
4. Kai loves school. A lot. More than anything. He gets so excited every day about what he is going to learn about next. They just finished their Space unit and now they are moving on to the Human Body unit. They also just finished learning about Vincent VanGogh and next up is Michelangelo. I'm learning a lot by just talking to him:) On party day, he was the first one to answer the questions and was so confident. He also asked the teacher if he could say something and she gave him the go ahead. He said, `When I'm older, I want to be a famous artist!'. One thing he does NOT love is practicing his writing.
5. I'm working on finishing the last wedding we did. Editing weddings is mentally tough because by the time you get to editing the reception photos, they just don't seem so exciting and it's easy to put them off and move on to other photos:) So far, I am really loving just working 20-ish hours a week. Much better!
6. Koen is so incredibly chatty. Non stop. This is what dinner was like last night as he was trying to tell us about the doctor's office having a different Blue's Clues book than we have.
`Daddy doctor. 'Nother Blues Clues. 'Nother Blues Clues. Mommy, doctor. `Nother Blues Clues'. Daddy Blues Clues'.' NON STOP. It's really annoying in the van when Kai is chatting about his artists and Koen is repeating something over and over (`Mommy, man doing? Man doing? Mommy, man doing?' HE'S BUILDING A HOUSE! `Mommy, man doing?). Even if I answer Koen's question, he still keeps asking it. I don't remember Kai being so repetitive.

7. Koen now watches tv. It took Kai until he was 2 years old to be interested in it too. Kai and Koen will cuddle on the couch and watch a show together. It is sooooo cute.

Okay, must get back to work. Have an excellent evening.
Love, Louise


  1. I got my hair cut on the weekend and it was styled straight. When I got home, Shaylah said to me "Mommy, your hair looks really nice. It's not messy!" Thanks kiddo.

  2. I want to see a pic of your hair Lou!
    Way to go Kai on the skating!!!

  3. I totally do the couple photos last for just that reason. I generally start with the reception ones, because I just NEVER get them done if I do them last. I totally feel you on that one!

  4. i can totally relate to the repetitive talker...asher is into the repeating something he's telling us until we acknowledge/repeat what he's saying, and then he still goes on sometimes.