Friday, February 18, 2011

Eye Cream and Cuddles

It all started with this photo which I was never planning on showing. We were demonstrating some of the headbands I made (inspired by Megan!) and the boys were so not into it. Wonder why. Oh well, my nieces love them. Anyway, I realized at this point that the bags under my eyes are terrible. I'm not sure why I haven't noticed it before but wow. I think it's a combination of age, Graves', insomnia for the last year (now mostly gone!!!), and not drinking enough water. Since this photo I have now started using under eye concealer/illuminator and I just bought eye cream. I wore it last night and felt like my mom. Every night she would come and kiss us goodnight with her Noxzema covered face. I miss that smell. I went to sleep with a smile on my face. Anyway, I now feel like an old lady but it's probably time I start taking better care of my skin!
(Probably didn't help the circles under my eyes to have the flash bounce off the ceiling).
The last two evenings have been fabulous. For both evenings, Gary and I cuddled on the couch for 2 hours just talking and watching tv. It's so great to just have him home and have someone to talk to at night! Before, during basketball, when he was home for the one night a week, I would run out and go shopping for some `freedom' but just ended spending money. That kind of has to stop:)
My niece Sami is almost one and I tried to take some pictures of her but she wasn't loving it:) This next week I have a family session (please let Sunday be the nicest weather day of the week!), an 18 month old (the winner of a session), and a newborn. I am also awaiting the birth of another baby, so exciting! Although weddings are the bread and butter of our business, I am thankful to be doing less this year. It just frees up so much more time for a variety of other sessions and just life in general:) Don't get me wrong, I love them, but more at a rate of one per month rather than five!
Gary and I are so excited about the prospect of a romantic vacation but I'm sort of losing hope of it ever happening. No family members can watch our kids (spring break is a busy time, everyone works etc) except for possibly Gary's parents who will hopefully know in a week or so. Even if they can, a week is too long for them. Anyone have some wise solutions that are not expensive?
The weather is gorgeous today. The boys played in the backyard for an hour. Kai is now sick with a really bad cough which means Koen will get it in a few days and then he'll be sick for about 3 more weeks after that. The fun doesn't stop! I bought Koen one of those shopping cart covers. You know, the ones so your kids sit in this cute cloth compartment rather than touch all the gross germs on the cart? I am now one of `those' moms. I don't care. I am so sick of Koen being sick all the time. Also, the other day at Costco I saw the most disgusting runny nose ever and the kid wiped it all over the cart handle. It made me want to vomit.

Anyway, time to do my taxes! I love it. I did our business ones yesterday and today I'm doing mine. I'll wait a while on Gary's until we get all of our donation receipts in. It just reminds me of school (which I loved):) By the way, people assume that I miss teaching. I'll be honest, I don't miss it at all. I think it's because I'm doing another job that I love and every single moment with your kids is teaching, it's kind of exhausting!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise
PS On Sunday I have my first football practice in about 8 months!! Wow am I going to be sore or what!!


  1. love your boys modeling the head bands (which are very cute!).
    ok so i haven't noticed bags under your eyes...perhaps you're more aware of it than other people are? :) but now i might be checking my OWN eyes...!

  2. I happen to think that the picture of you looks good. The other day aiden told me that I looked tired. I looked in the mirror to discover that I did look tired with horrible dark circles under my eyes. I should try the concealer too!!
    Have fun at practice!

  3. I love the hairbands. I have a few hair clips and head bands given as gifts for Coby.. which she rips off her head instantly. Finn, however, is quite happy to have a flower or bow in his hair! Oh, and I agree with the bags comments, I would never have noticed from the photo, you look great!