Thursday, February 24, 2011

You Know You Have A Two Year Old Boy When...

this is what your mantel looks like any given day. These were all taken away as weapons used against Kai yesterday. Although I have to say, Koen can tackle Kai to the ground with his bare hands. If I say `Koen, are you being naughty?' he says, `No, mommy bear. Good boy now!'.

And in other news, although I have an great amount of determination and will power, I have given up on Koen's quiet time in his room. I think every family has it's monkey. In my family, it was my sister Jantina. In this one, it is our Kokies.


  1. oh deary!!!
    I love that you call him kokies, such a cute nickname :)

  2. koen. what a cutie.

  3. good call on the quiet time cancelation! some battles are worth fighting, others are an exercise in exhaustion!! lol!
    I've got some insight into that mantel situation....the weaponry never stops around here either! How is violence the foremost problem solver? Seriously....

  4. Mel, share some of that insight!