Friday, February 04, 2011

My Helpers

Kai: "Mommy, I'm doing the laundry so it's less tiring being a mommy." They have worked as a team twice this week switching the laundry over and although it's a long process (they put it from the washing machine to the basket and then the dryer), I think it's cute that they `need' to do it together.
Koen usually makes a ton of noise during Quiet Time. Suddenly it was quiet and I thought maybe he had fallen asleep. I went to his room and couldn't find him. Checked the closet and he made himself a bed out of boxes of clothes that I have stored there. Actually looked kind of comfy.
And some Kai comments from the last week or so. They all pertain to the human body:

Kai (overheard sharing info with Koen): Imagine the size of God's femur!

Kai: Hey lunch, I'll see you in three days!

Kai (after Koen hit him with a truck on the right side of his head): I hope I can still sing! (note: the right side of your brain is involved with singing).

He loves learning. We went to the library and all he wanted was books about the human body. Nothing else. He got one about the heart and another about the journey from conception to birth:)

{Annika-now 5 years old!}
And finally, a very happy birthday to the first born niece on my side of the family. I remember Ani being born like it was yesterday. It was such a joy filled time amongst the sadness that was filling our lives. Ani was born just 3 months before my mom passed away and my mom was actually in the room when she was born. It was amazing to feel such happiness and hope in a time when I didn't know it was possible.
Ani: A message from Kai. The first one actually had Koen and Kai singing together but it was sideways and I don't know how to turn it around so here is just Kai....


  1. cute helpers :) I find our kids wanting to 'help' with the laundry switching these days too.
    love Koen's box bed and Kai's funny sayings :)

  2. "Imagine the size of God's femur!"?? hahaha. kid cracks me up!

  3. Ani watched it and smiled:o)
    My girls just started to do laundry today a bit, very cute.

  4. Ani definitely looks like a Dekens :)