Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cinnamon Buns

To be honest, I really need to get out of the house. I am home most of the time and it's not healthy for me. I need to exercise, socialize, and take photos of others:) This last week was a whole lotta time in our house due to the cold and sick kids. Football practice was cancelled due to the snow. I know that to be the best me I need to get out of my house, without the kids, for a few hours each week. I need to exercise. I also need work to do.
{I made our 2010 book and got two extra copies for the boys to have. Not sure that I'll continue with that but I had a groupon:)}

This week I read `Somewhere Inside' by Laura and Lisa Ling. I liked it because I really didn't know much about North Korea. Tonight, Gary and I went and saw `The King's Speech' and I liked that too! It was a last minute decision to go on a date and I'm glad we went. My sister got sick so arranged for the babysitter she was going to have (my niece), to come to our house instead! I even dressed up a bit which is always fun:)
These cinnamon buns are so good. My bread maker makes amazingly perfect dough. I leave some without icing because Kai doesn't like it, and to be honest, I don't like cream cheese (gasp!). The amount of calories in one is CRAZY so I make 16 instead of 12 so they are a bit smaller. I made 2 batches this week! If you want to gain 5lbs, make two batches of these and stay inside because it's freezing out.
Today we went swimming as a family. By swimming, I mean Gary and I sit in a foot of water while the kids splash us. Not so fun in my opinion but they loved it. I did get a chance to swim some laps which felt really good. Next up is family skate night and I am looking forward to that a lot more!
Kai has a lot of questions about God. He asked what God was made of and whether he had bones. I said I didn't know but that he wasn't a person like us. He asked what He looks like. I said I didn't know but I pictured him as an old man. Kai said he pictured him as a clown. I hope that's not sacrilegious but he thinks that God is happy and fun. He proceeded to tell God a knock knock joke. Kai also asked if we could pray for his invisible friend, Nobody, who has pink eye. Kai's appetite is back in full force which is so great to see. He eats more than me all the time and his favourite things are fruits and veggies. If I ask if he wants a cookie or an apple, he'll choose an apple. Crazy kid:)

And for some reason, I really love the picture above. This is what I came downstairs to this morning. The boys watching Saturday morning cartoons together. As much as the kids (and Gary!) can drive me nuts, I wouldn't change it for a second. Life is good.


  1. Anonymous4:12 AM

    i love kai`s idea of God being a clown! i think it's healthy at his age to imagine God whatever he wants Him to be!!

  2. Those cinnamon buns look delicious! Maybe we could have a joint family skate night?

  3. i'm sure i've asked about your books before, but do you just take the blog entries from your previous year with pictures and get them printed? very cool.
    family swims are like that with us too. at least the kids love it and I enjoy seeing them love it :)