Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love Peanut Sauce

We are well. Gary has his last bball game today. Boys are relatively healthy.

A beautiful, big baby boy was born last night and I had the privilege of photographing him. I'll have pictures on our GC blog once mom and dad have seen them etc. and share details of his arrival! I am so ready for our own little baby. Really, really ready. I just wish there was more (aka ANY) information from our adoption agency. I really feel like this adoption journey is right where we are supposed to be and I feel so excited about it. I keep wondering if I'm going to get the desire to have another biological child but so far, it's just not there. I'm thankful that we are so sure about where we are...just wishing that I knew how close (or far) we are. Wishing that someone could tell me `Yes Louise, it will happen this year!'.

By the way, I was thinking about it...you know when someone is pregnant, you ask them how they are feeling/doing? I think I would like it if people asked me how the adoption was going. I mean, I don't really have anything to say but at least it acknowledges that Chapman baby #3 is on the way. Just a thought in case you know someone else who is adopting.

Gary and I are thinking of going somewhere tropical for the second week of Spring Break (if we can find someone to watch our kids!). We might as well go now because once we have baby #3, it will be another two years before we can think about it. Besides, the only romantic trip we have done is go to the Kingfisher on the island. Gary says that our camping trips to Alaska etc were romantic but I think we sort of have different ideas in that department. There are some good deals out there right now so we'll see!!
Found out the boys don't like homemade sushi. They did like the gyoza and satay chicken with peanut sauce though. I love that my husband loves to cook. We all love to eat!

Football starts this Sunday afternoon (so excited!!!!)...time to get another jog in this week!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Love, Louise

PS Kai's library books for the week; `What the Moon is Like' and `The Sun: Our Nearest Star'.


  1. i can't wait to see the birth pictures!
    thanks for the tip about asking an adopting-expecting mom how she's feeling!
    i'm impressed the boys like the gyozas (just cuz our kids are not very adventurous at all. T says she'll eat sushi when she's an adult).

  2. Yay for last bball game! That meal sounds great - we were pleasantly surprised to discover that our kiddies do like sushi, though both seem to be fickle in their food likes and dislikes lately!

  3. Oh I hope you get that tropical vacation just the two of you. Definitely more romantic than camping in Alaska.

    Excellent advice for supporting expectant adopting moms. I'm so grateful that you are able to articulate the support you (and others) undoubtedly need during this journey. I think I always felt it but wasn't able to share in the way you do. Good on you for that.

    Wish we could eat a few meals at your house. Always such good food! Reminds me of homemade pasta when we stayed with you a couple years ago. So good.