Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Eyes and Ears

This is how I see Koen a lot of the time. He rubs the doggy's ear (`Blue') under his nose.

I went to Value Village's 50% off sale yesterday and got the boys a bunch of great clothes. Technically they don't really need anything but it doesn't hurt when each item is $1-$3! Six shirts, 2 jackets, 3 pairs of pants, one pair of boots...for $25.00. I only buy stuff that is in perfect condition and a good name brand. Pants are usually a bit sketchy as they tend to wear out but I got some gooders! The shirts below are just a couple that I bought. I also need to point out that I took both boys with me which is extremely brave on a day like that!
Koen bruised his ear after running into the storage ottoman yesterday. Haven't seen that before!

I have put Koen back in cloth diapers a few weeks ago. It sure is easy at his age (as a newborn, he had 14 dirty diapers a day!). He has used the toilet successfully at least once every day...I think he's just about ready but I don't think I am! He will do anything to get a chocolate chip.

I love Kai's eyes and need to convince him to let me take some photos of him outside:)
Today was gorgeous and I was all ready to run 5km when Gary got home from work, but alas, he had a meeting I didn't know about, so it was dinner time when he got home, and now he's off to basketball. Guess it will be me on the elliptical tonight. The good news? Gary only has one more week of basketball unless something miraculous happens. They will likely win two more games but that won't be enough to continue on. I look forward to being able to more family walks, Gary having more energy, and someone else putting Kai to bed (although really, he only takes 3 minutes to put to bed:)

In the meantime, just waiting for a baby. I am photographing a birth and she was due yesterday so I'm basically attached to my cell phone at all times:)

Have a good week!


  1. Nice work braving the VV sale with kiddies - I haven't hit it up since pre-children! I recall one early morning with my sisters (who have a much better gift for finding sweet items than I)- we strategically dressed in layers to avoid change-room lineups!

  2. oh how I love a good deal! I have never seen a bruised ear before. Hope it's not too painful for him!

  3. MAN - i should have hit that sale too. great deals on kids clothes ROCK! :)
    i have never seen a bruised ear either - interesting!