Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Just random stuff:
1. Kai's questions drive me totally nuts but I just remind myself that its a good thing. He's alive, he's able to question, he's able to wonder, he's able to process. `Why is that car red?' `Why does an `I' look like that?'
Kai: Mommy, why don't you have any more football?
Me: Because we lost.
Kai: Why did you lose?
Me: I guess I'm not fast enough anymore
Kai: Why aren't you fast enough?
Me: Because I'm getting old and I need to exercise more
Kai: That's exactly it actually.
(except all is L's sound like W's).

2. Koen really lacks the ability to sleep well. He is up until at least 10pm every night which means very little me and Gary time. He cries so much in bed. I just remind myself that its a good thing. Crying means he's alive and breathing. I seriously do love this guy so much and I (GASP) feel like trying to get pregnant right now. I won't. I don't think. Just one more. Maybe. Babies are just too cute. I would be too tired to function if I was able to get pregnant right now. As soon as I go to get Koen, he starts smiling and giggling. He just doesn't like to be alone. Oh ya, he gets himself up on all fours so easily and then he just rocks back and forth.
3. I was talking to Gary about our favourite stages. I really like the 1 year old stage where they learn to walk and talk as well as the 2 year old stage where they start saying short sentences and can run around a bit more. Gary is a fan of the 2 year old stage. This whole 3 year old thing is interesting. A little more attitude. A little more exhausting with the talk, talk, talk. We love Kai bear but he sure keeps us busy!
(Pretend my hair is normal...obviously this wasn't planned)
4. Even though some things in my life are not going well (more to come next week), I feel so content and happy. I just feel so blessed with all I have. I am so thankful for my mental, emotional and physical health. I am so thankful for my boys and Gary. I love where we live and I love this weather. I am saddened by all the people I know who are struggling with anxiety and depression. It just really sucks.

5. Not sure what's going to happen with the weight loss this week. We'll see thursday morning. I'm pretty sure it will be a 0 lb loss...this is fine. As long as there is no gain! I'm trying to figure out what to join...something that would be twice a week. Boot camp? Running club? By the way, still LOVE my jogging stroller!!!
6. Okay, better get packing for our big road trip to Alberta!!

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  1. For the record, we did NOT lose because you were too slow! Kai is so funny:)