Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cleaning Machines

Today Gary was at home and we were cleaning machines. What a productive day! Gary cleaned the car and van, inside and out. He mowed the lawn and is currently making dinner (scallopini pork chops). I was able to clean the whole house, make a yummy lunch, bring a van load of stuff to the thrift store, and do 3 loads of laundry. Together we walked to the grocery store with the kids. What a good husband....I didn't even have to `suggest' anything, he just did it. Some very exciting news is that Koen slept through the night...10pm til 8am!!! I was able to sleep 8 hours and then get up and work out. Awesome. I wonder if all he needed was to sleep in the crib?

Kai likes these shoes:)

Kai got to mow the lawn with Opi. This is seriously his favourite thing in the entire world to do. When I asked him what his favourite thing was on our trip to Alberta, he said `Mowing the lawn at Green Lake!'. That was 3 weeks ago on a different trip, he just loved it so much.

Koen is seconds away from sleeping in this picture but this is our new awesome stroller. I love it! It's a Schwinn double jogger and I got it off of craigslist for $125 (regular about $300). It is so easy to maneuver and very practical for us. I'd say the only drawback is that I probably only burn half the calories pushing it around:) Oh ya, it also does not fit through a regular size doorway as I found out when trying to get into the Post Office at the Pharmasave. Grrr. I seriously really love it though.

Kai even pushed Koen by himself for about 1km today on our way to get groceries!

Kai said he wanted a picture with his friends so here it is.
Looking forward to all the Father's Day celebrations this weekend...celebrating Gary, Opi and Grandpa. Gary wants an mp3 player for Father's day but of course I'm giving him a Louise type gift which isn't an mp3 player:) Isn't it funny how we give the type of gifts that we would like for ourselves? Sorry Gary. Okay, time for my yummy dinner!


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    FYI I asked Kai to wear earprotectors and he said no--looks like opi was more concerned about his own hearing!!!!

  2. Koen's expressions are priceless! :)

  3. This might sound crazy but I sometimes make my double stroller fit through doors by popping one wheel off, while holding the stroller up, pushing it through on 2 wheels at an angle and then popping the wheel on once in. Sounds a little complicated and tricky but it can work in a pinch! LOL