Wednesday, June 17, 2009

For Sale: My Amazing Camera!

(Just taken off the internet...the lens we are selling with it is different. I can send you a picture of the camera and lens if you are interested)

Gary has convinced me to upgrade to a 40D so I am selling my Canon 20D for $425.00. I bought it about a year ago (2nd hand) for $500.00. You can get it with a lens (Tamron 28-200mm) with UV filter and lens hood for a total of $500.00. The camera is in fantastic condition and this lens is very well used but I think most people would want a lens with their new camera:)
I just took a picture with my camera and that 28-200mm lens so you get an idea of what the pictures look like. This camera is all you will ever need (I've done all our wedding photography etc with it) and if you are wanting to be serious about photography, you will prob. want to invest in a better lens down the road as this was our first lens (we now have 4 others):)
I will be putting this on craigslist but would love to see it go to a loving home:)


  1. What about the 5D MKII? :) I'm a Nikon fan but even this camera gets me excited!

  2. bad timing for us, or I'd be snatching this up LIKE THAT!

  3. Katie, 5D MKII looks awesome but a little too pricey for us and we have a 5D already that suits our needs perfectly:)

  4. The MKII is very expensive! I think the comparable Nikon one is still close to $9000. All my lens' are Nikon so I stick with that. I can only dream. 21 megapixels!