Friday, June 19, 2009

Gary and I

I wanted a picture of Gary and I to put on our photography blog so people can see what we look like for when needing to meet up with us. Seeing that the kiddos were up at 6:30am, we just walked down the street at 7:30 am and took some cheesy and fun pictures. Regardless, it's nice to just to have pictures of the two of us. Here are just a few...

(Aw man, his stubble put my hair in my eyes)
My new `baby'!!


(His stubble did it again)
My new camera...woohoo!




(I'm not trying to be Vanna White-ish, that camera is heavy!)


(I'll admit it, this one is weird/cheesy)

(I kind of like this one)

Then we went to Bear Creek Park to check out the Gardens for wedding pictures. They've actually got a huge garden with lots of options for this time of year. While we were there, we got to see a police helicopter up close and personal which made Kai VERY happy.

Which one do you think is best for our photo blog? We could do individual pictures or one with both of us. I'll number them.

So excited for Tuesday. I have a friend that is a massage therapist and she needs work on infants that have reflux or gastrointestinal issues and I have a baby with just that! I'm curious to see how Koen handles it and what it does for him. I'll let you know. Okay, off to the Chapman Father's Day celebration!


  1. number 5 is the best!!!
    What I can't figure out is what camera you used to take the picture of you two holding your cameras ;)
    PS 10 is also cute :)

  2. I like #2 and #3 a lot.

  3. I like 5 & 6 for sure.

  4. My vote is for number 5. Love it!

  5. My faves are you two crouched down with Gary looking over at you, and the one of you looking up.

  6. #5 or #8 - very "gary and louise" ish.

  7. #5 and #8, but if you go individual, yours is definitely already done - #6.

    curious to hear how it goes on Tuesday with your friend.

  8. Hey Louise! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm so thrilled; I think it'll be a great school to work at.
    About your pictures... Love them all! Number five is definitely one of my favs.

  9. I chose #5, thanks team! I'll have to ask you more questions from now on!

  10. #7= awkward engaged couple shot :)

  11. Too late for the vote but i sure liked them all!

  12. you look awesome! skinny b*tch! (joking!) I like them all!! I think you should use the photo of gary with the teeth on the blog. very professional.

  13. What about number 9? That's money.