Monday, June 22, 2009

Dekens Father's Day

Last night we went to Maria's to celebrate my dad. Here are some pictures.

So squishy. So cute. So precious. He doesn't look like a baby anymore...

Izzy, my niece, has wild hair ...I def. have a thing for her eyes
Go go go... Yes, Kai got quite the hair cut but if you cut it short you don't need to cut it as often:)

Ani...dress with rain boots. Perfect.

Izzy's eyes again

Joanne and Koen

Opi and Izzy

Kids table

Koen's first time in the swing. LOVED it.

They have a great backyard to hang out in. I love our house but dream of a yard. Not a big one, just an average sized yard that you could have a bbq in and have kids run around. Oh ya, I also dream of a bigger kitchen. I'm tired of running out to the garage to get our pantry type foods.

I wonder if he is also out of sorts because of his recent physical developments. Sitting, trying to crawl etc.
Talking about sitting...he is officially sitting! This is the exact same time that Kai did, 5.5 months old. Ah, check out that good ole drool. At least its just saliva.

He's still up til 10pm every night and its not because he's sleeping too much in the day, that's for sure! Just makes our nights very tiring. He just wants to drink, drink, drink from 8-10pm. Grrrrrr. I think I'm going to try to give him more solids (he has maybe 3oz a day). It's hard work feeding a 20lb baby on milk alone!

-Trying to figure out my new many settings. Similar to our other ones but still, so much to learn.
-Homeopathic teething tablets=a happier baby.
-I feel like something is wrong with me because I am just so exhausted. Maybe 6 months without a solid sleep is why? One night he slept all the way through and that's it. Maybe I'm exhausted because I'm still feeding him all the time. My BP and blood sugar are low. Maybe I'll start back on my multivitamins.
-our first wedding of the season is this Saturday. I really, really hope it doesn't rain.
-Gary and I made popcorn (air popped, relatively healthy stuff) at 9pm and Kai heard it and begged from the top of the stairs to come down and have some. I let him. We cuddled in the recliner and ate together. He asked if it was morning time. Obviously this isn't a normal occurrence but I felt like what would it hurt to have a little special cuddle time with my big boy. As soon as he was done, he said that he loved me and up to bed he went. He has been soooo much better about talking to Koen and bringing him toys etc. Koen loves him so much and nothing makes me happier than when Kai makes him giggle.


  1. I'm a fan of the occasional freebie cuddle time. It makes them feel so special! Especially when 'the baby' is still sleeping. I don't think it hurts anything at all! We've totally done that, with the popcorn and somebody hearing it and begging from the top of the stairs...

    And I take a prenatal vitamin when I'm breastfeeding, just like when I was preggers--without it I feel exhausted! But for sure--providing most of a 20 lb baby's nutrition thru milk will wear you out!! AND burn major calories! Riley still bfs 8 times a day and most of his nutrition comes from me still, so I'm tired too. He's almost 20 lbs. (my kids start out as chunkers and then almost STOP in the second 1/2 of their first year...we'll likely not hit 22 lbs by a year so will not be able to turn the carseat around for awhile yet. Pain in the butt.)

    Anyways, I'm still reading! Not commenting as much because I'm tired but still reading! I'll make more of an effort now to comment, too.


    ps see you friday!

  2. Koen has your smile. And I still can't get over how much Annika looks like her mom!

  3. You have cute little children :)
    I hope that drool cleans-up by Saturday, otherwise Tyler is gonna get sick of cleaning it up!

  4. Joanne9:15 AM

    Very nice pictures for a very nice afternoon. Thanks Maria for all your hostessing, Louise for the beautiful pictures. Your Dad was well honored and very proud. He just sat back like a very contended "Opa".
    Would love a copy of the pic of Koen and I.

  5. Great photos. Beautiful kids. Koen looks so much like you, Louise.

    I'd add to what Mel said, to make sure you getting enough calories. In pregnancy you need an extra 300 calories but while breastfeeding it's an extra 500! So maybe you need to eat a bit more. Get a good healthy snack in between all your major meals - something with complex carbs (whole grains, high fiber) or fruit and protein to sustain your energy and keep your blood sugar up. Having protein with w every meal and snack will help the blood sugar as well. If you want to send me a record of your diet over 7 days, I'll analyze it for you. Snack ideas: a cup of low-fat milk and a piece of fruit; whole grain crackers with cheese or peanut butter; fruit smoothie with yogurt and berries...

  6. I think we get so used to our busy lifestyles that we forget to give ourselves a break when it comes to these standards. You are chasing after a busy toddler, nursing a baby all day and night, exercising and taking care of every other detail in your family's life.....this is exhausting!! I will sometimes forget all this and wonder why I am tired and then when I think about everything I have done it makes sense. I have also found it has been quite muggy here and I am feeling pretty drained. Koen sure is a strong boy! Very cute pics.