Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Gary! Gary, you are a fabulous father and are an excellent role model for our boys. You are very involved in their lives. You help them stay on track and have a lot of fun being super goofy with them. Couldn't do it without you Gary...we love you!

(It was a better idea in my head but still looks decent. I had this printed and put in a frame with the kids footprints. Kai had a lot of fun painting his feet:))

I think that is one of the biggest things that attracted me to Gary, I knew he would be an excellent father. Thank you God for Gary and our two little boys.
I think this is so cute. Gave the boys hair cuts yesterday and Kai wanted to help out. He wants to help out with everything which is nice but at times extremely aggravating:) Kai was so excited it was finally Father's Day today and that he could reveal the Party Size M+M's under the bed and have some with daddyo.

Koen keeps getting up on all fours and rocking...yesterday he moved his chubby little knees and made some forward movement. There is something wrong with him right now. Not sure what it is but he has all the symptoms of teething without a tooth in sight. Drooling, coughing (on saliva), irritability, not sleeping, low grade fever, chewing on everything (including me when feeding...OUCH!). I feel bad for him but have to admit I'm exhausted and frustrated with him. Totally not his fault but I don't know what to do.

I fed him so much yesterday and last night. I'm getting some homeopathic teething tablets for him today. If it continues, I may bring him to the doctor to get his ears checked. We never had an ear infection with Kai so I'm not very familiar with them.

Me and my boys. So blessed. Little boys are too much fun.

We drove over the new Golden Ears Bridge yesterday. It's so crazy that you can be in Maple Ridge in just a few minutes. Our kids will never understand what it was like to take the Albion ferry. Very cool.

And to my have gone through too many life experiences in the past 5 years (heart attack where you experienced dying and being brought back, bladder cancer, loss of your wife, learning how to date again, getting engaged...). Although we sometimes don't know what to do with you, we love you and thank you for your involvement with the kiddos and your attempt at being soft and motherly with us.

Yay for Gary, my dad and my father-in-law. Fabulous fathers in my life. Very blessed.


  1. Joanne2:03 PM

    You are truly blessed with all the men in your life, both young and old. What a gift from your heavenly Father, there are so many out there who are not so fortunate.

    Enjoy those little boys, they are so precious, love the picture of you and them, you look radiant there.

    Happy Fathers Day Gary, painter extraordinaire, another one of your many talents.

  2. Wow..."Fabublous" fathers, eh? Hmm...must be some sort of blogger-lingo!
    Nice photos, weezer!

  3. I loved your present to Gary, Louise! So creative!