Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week 10: Fitness Journey

Wow. I could not believe the scale this morning. Is Gary changing it somehow to make me a happier wife?
Weight loss this week: 2lbs (total of 12.6 lbs)
Body fat loss: 0.2% (total of 2%)

I am more than happy with this and a little nervous. Why? Can I keep it off? Can I actually get rid of the weight that I had left over after Kai was born? Is there something wrong with me? Part of me doesn't want to lose any more because I know I could easily maintain where I am now. What about when I stop breastfeeding, how will that affect things?

The goal is to lose 7.4 more lbs which seems realistic when I see what I have done so far. Still sticking to my raw veggies throughout the day and seriously, my longest run this week was only 2.5km's which took about 14 minutes of full out running. I have been checking out the calories and fat of almost everything I've been eating but still trying to stay laid back about the numbers. I am very thankful that I am able to actually lose weight with diet and exercise as I know some people do all the right things and the scale doesn't change. I have to say though that I have felt very tired lately. I don't know why that is if I am eating so well and staying active. I actually even took a pregnancy test (it was about to expire and I didn't want to waste it). I'm not pregnant but I feel like I am, that's how tired I am. Maybe its the warm weather? Maybe it was our long road trip?

In other news, I'm getting my `new' camera (off craigslist) today and I'm very excited! I'm pretty cheap in all areas of my life but somehow spending the amount we do on cameras and lenses doesn't phase me anymore:) I guess because its for our business and we will be working hard this summer! I will have it in my hands at 3:30pm today....woohoo!

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  1. wow Louise - you are doing AWESOME!!!! i actually stepped things up this week, ran to meet my walking partner last night, we ran for 5 minutes, and i ran home (uphill). i've gotten really good about my eating too, and I give you (and a couple others) credit for inspiring me to lose this baby weight!
    i have been feeling tired too - thought about taking a test too, but didn't have one laying around, or i probably would have :) i think maybe it's just the warm weather and taking care of two kids :)