Tuesday, June 02, 2009

5 Months Old

*If you read this post earlier, I added a bunch of pictures...you can never have enough right?!*

This guy loves hanging out on his tummy

(His shirt actually says, `If you think I'm cute, you should see my uncle'...being that Uncle Tyler is the only one that reads this, I'll say it's referring to you T.C)

Koen is 5 months old today. I weighed him this morning and he was 19lbs which is about what Kai was too and obviously quite chunky. I'm loving each day more and more. Koen is changing a lot. He is very content out in public and loves being held by anyone and everyone. At home, if he is in exersaucer he is VERY noisy. Screaching and squealing to be heard by all. He's not upset, he just loves the sound of his voice I guess. So different than his brother was....
His smile melts me
I love the sporty shorts
Koen is not a good sleeper, however, he doesn't get grumpy when he's overtired. If he misses naps, he's still a happy camper (if you hold him). We still don't have a set schedule yet but generally he has two 45 minute naps and one 2 hour one later in the day. He is eating every 3 hours now and has tried pears, bananas and rice cereal this month. I'd say banana is his favourite.

Yummy pureed pears...if he doesn't eat it, I will! So good:)
As for sleeping at night, what a trying month it was. He was up at least 4 times a night and usually because of a dirty diaper. Last night was the greatest night of the entire month as he was only up once at 3:30 am (dirty diaper and then feed)!! I think that if he didn't poop at night, he would be sleeping through the night. Ah the Chapman digestive systems...:) Below are 2 pictures of Kai at his age. I think they look so different.
(Kai at 5 months)
Both are quiet bald but Kai's face is much rounder. I think they both have the same nose but maybe all babies have such cute little noses.
(Kai at 5.5 months)
I did say that he was outgrowing his reflux but with all this new movement (rolling, trying to sit etc) its been harder to keep the milk in his tummy and he has been spitting up way more. It doesn't bother him so that is good, its just messy, gross, and a waste of my milk!

I lay him down on his tummy to sleep and he rolls over onto his back. Phew, way less stress now that he is sleeping on his back. I hate that feeling every time I open his door to check on him where I'm just praying he's still alive and breathing. Is that normal? I was the same way with Kai until he was 1. He is still sleeping in the cradle which is probably too small for him but I just want him in it for 2 more weeks because we are doing a road trip to Alberta and we're taking the cradle for him to sleep in so hopefully he sleeps better. We will see...
(Can't get enough of the toesies!)
Because he was spitting up so much and getting changed so much, he was pretty much always in sleepers. Now, because its hot and he's a quite a bit better, we have him in normal clothes. It was sad to pack up all the 0-6 month clothes as he really didn't get a chance to wear many of them. Also, because Kai and Koen were born in totally different seasons, Koen now has to wear 12 month old summer clothes but they actually fit quite well!

Trying to get his socks off...

Bad picture but I just wanted to show him up on his knees. Kai never rolled or crawled, he just started walking at about 10 months so this is new territory for me! Oh ya, another thing about Kai is that he hugged Koen for the first time yesterday without me asking him to do anything. Hip hip hooray. Although, yesterday Kai asked that God take Koen back and give us a bigger baby instead. I told him he needs to be very patient but Koen will grow up soon and be lots of fun to play with.
It was a year ago that we announced our pregnancy with Koen. We were so happy and I was so curious about who was growing inside of me and look who it was...

Kokoes, we love you so much. When you are jumping in my arms, squealing, giggling or smiling at your brother, my heart is full. You make me want to try to have more little babies. Don't grow up too fast baby boy. I hope you always know how loved you are. You are so yummy and so precious.


  1. His full smile pictures are oh -so- cute!!!! Sounds like he is growing very well and he is such a strong little guy. Can you believe it? 5 months!

  2. If Koen is that cute, I can only imagine how cute I must be (I usually prefer handsome, but I'll also accept cute).