Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today was a great day with Koen. He napped well (even though I had to hold him for half of each nap) and managed to go 3 hours between feeds. He did have a major vomit but gave me the hugest grin afterwards. Guess it was a relief to have it all out? Thank goodness for leather couches. I don't know why it happened (after over a week of no major ones) and I hope it doesn't happen again. He also had a bloody nose today which I'm assuming is due to the dry air? If it happens again, I'll call the doctor. It wasn't gushing out or anything.
He has beautiful blue eyes which you can kind of see in this picture. It's hard to take pictures and try to get him to smile at the same time. He slept in his own room last night. I felt like I was trying to make him grow up so fast but I have to say, I had a great sleep! I was just up once at 4:30am and then up again for the day at 6:30am. I feel like he is growing up so fast and no longer feels like a newborn at all. Love it. I did contemplate having a 3rd. I'll admit it.

Eating his hand, the tell tale sign that he is hungry. Which is often. Piglet.
This is Kai's new fake smile. Kai has done so well with potty training. He woke up this morning with a dry diaper! He loves going pee on the toilet and rarely remembers that he gets a treat for it. I'm so proud of him each and every time he goes. My big boy. He loves reading Curious George books. If I have to read `Curious George Goes Camping' one more time....He has also loved playing with his trucks and cars lately. We set up a little race course today and he loved racing them down the hill of books.
Funny things Kai said today:
1. `Actually, I'm a great dancer'
2. (Looking through his penne noodle) `Mommy, I see you through my spotting scope'
3. (After using my comb on his hair) `I'm so pretty. Ha ha. I'm not a girl!'
The weeks are flying by, I can't believe its Friday again tomorrow. Gary is going to try to give Koen a bottle on Saturday so hopefully it works. I like my new hair...I kind of like it more when it isn't straightened so that's good. Gary got to go snowboarding at Whistler all day with the PE class. Tough life.
Okay, off to bed!


  1. He probably got that squinting eye smile from Ani, as that is exactly what she does....Glad the boys are doing well. I totally call you having another boy when Koen is 3.

  2. Koen suddenly looks a lot older in those pics.......of course little baby older, I am not trying to make him grow up faster for you! Let me know how the bottle works out.........we had an issue last night while I was teaching dance and poor Mikayla cried for 2 hours out of hunger. We need to figure something out.