Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Days 7-9

Wow. So tired. Will be brief. This weekend Maria and Mark got married and I was a bridesmaid in their wedding. It was a beautiful day (weather included) and I wish I could've taken pictures! The whole time I was thinking `that would be a beautiful picture' but I didn't bring my camera because I was in the wedding and also I didn't want to impose on the photographer:) It was cool to be on the other end of the camera and see how other people do it. We had our photos done at Crescent Beach and the wedding and reception were at the Surrey Art Center. Gary took pictures at the reception so I'll include one of those here. I'd include more but they should probably see them first:) I can't wait to see the wedding photos!

(instead of cake they had chocolate mousse...Mark's favourite. I love it too!)
I thought everything was very well thought out and creative. In their vows, Mark said he would eat salad, go for long walks and watch less tv. Maria said she would make good salads, hold his hand on long walks and watch a little more tv to spend more time with him. If Mark decides to not go on the long walks, that's okay with me because Maria has now moved about 2km's away so now we can meet halfway and go for walks!

Being in the wedding meant I was away from Koen most of the day. I missed 3 feeds (he took a bottle..yippee! I had pumped 4 bottles worth over the past month, I haven't had much extra lately) and he was brought to me twice for a quick feed in the back of the minivan. Since then, my milk supply is nearly gone. I think its because I missed feeds, didn't drink enough water, and was really exhausted. So, I'm not going for a run today, I'm going to drink lots of water, and take fenugreek pills.
Today we went to the Aquarium. It should've taken 45 minutes to get there but it took about 2 (frustrating) hours based on today's traffic. Thank goodness Koen only cried for about half an hour. The aquarium was soooo perfect for Kai. He has a short attention span, needs to run around and he loves animals. So....he just ran and ran and wanted to see more and more animals. Koen behaved nicely and we had a good time. It's amazing how different Kai is from Ani (my niece). We took her out for dinner last night. Ani sat nicely and Kai ran around wildy and was throwing things. Seriously, we do discipline and he is well behaved most of the time. However, he really cannot sit still and I don't know if he'll always be like this or whether energetic kids calm down at a certain age....if not, his poor teachers....
Kai wanted an octopus and seastar. I'm surprised he sat and got his hand painted but he loved it.
Koen is really into the soother except he can't hold it in by himself so we have to hold it. He falls asleep without it but if we hold him in the bjorn and hold a soother in his mouth, he falls asleep within 10 minutes. Kind of ridiculous but whatever works. I bought Koen a new extra firm crib mattress yesterday. He always sleeps on his tummy so I wanted to make sure we were doing everything we could to prevent SIDS.
The new jellyfish section is pretty cool...
All that's left for Spring Break are three photo shoots and a trip to the island. I'm really hoping the weather improves as we had to cancel several shoots last week. Looking forward to the summer...


  1. Maria looked beautiful!! I am so excited for them! I love the aquarium too. My family used to go regularly... until they changed the rules and we were no longer allowed under one family pass (we technically needed 3).

  2. Cool photos!! Love the man-of-war jellyfish! :) Good luck with the fenugreek! Will you try it with blessed thistle? You can check stuff out on: http://www.drjacknewman.com/help/Herbal%20Remedies%20for%20Milk%20Supply.asp
    I hope I'm not one of those ppl who tell you what you should/not do...it's just info...anyway. I'm still your younger sister. so ya.
    Ummm...cute children!!! Where there any photos of you taken at the reception? :)

  3. The aquarium is great! Love it. Will have to take ani back soon. Glad the wedding went well.