Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break!

(Playing together)

Day 1: Last night we had a photo shoot in White Rock and the weather was perfect! Not sure when this rain will stop now...maybe once Spring Break is over? When Gary and I were gone for 2 hours, Koen took a BOTTLE!!! He took 4 ounces and gramma said it only took about 10 minutes for him to start drinking which is a HUGE improvement. The bottle that has been working....Born Free. I don't care if it cost $100.00, I'd buy it:) (it didn't by the way, they cost around $16 each though)
Day 2: Kai was up twice in the night crying loudly. The first time (3am) he was sitting up in bed crying that he wanted to go for a walk. At 5am, Gary went in and he was talking about his big boy bed but we didn't know what he was saying. Koen also got up at this time for a feed. Not bad considering he went to sleep at 10pm. This morning I had football practice in the rain and although the turn out was not the greatest, I still had fun. Gary took care of stuff at home. Koen took 6 ounces. Woohoo!! Seriously, we have been working on this for 1-2 hours/day for 2 weeks and finally, success!! Apparently Kai wanted to marry Gary so they had a wedding and the chess pieces were the guests. I think this is coming from the fact that I will be a bridesmaid in Maria VanTol's wedding next weekend. Kai was asking me when he was going to sleep in his big boy bed (it's in his room but he sleeps in a toddler bed). I told him he could sleep in it when he was ready, maybe when he was 3. He said, `Then I'll be big and I can shoot baskets on daddy's team!'. Not sure how much they'd like a 3 year old on the team. Now, we're just editing pictures while the kids are both napping.


  1. Livi uses the Born Free bottles too. I had registered for them and received one as a gift before I realized the price and that I'd have to buy a few more myself. Oh well, they are good bottles. I have since seen them being sold at Superstore and Zellers for cheaper than the Babies R' Us price of $16. Check it out. They sell all the different stages of nipples there too.

  2. Sounds like it's been a pretty good day 1 of spring break!

  3. i'm SO glad the BornFree are working for him! Superstore definitely has them for cheaper. YAY KOEN!