Sunday, March 29, 2009


A bunch of random stuff:
a. Any suggestions for a healthy snack that I don't need to prepare? I love eating homemade muffins but am getting sick of making them all the time. I am just hungry all the time and need a filling, healthy snack I can just grab and eat while holding Koen in the bjorn. I know I could just eat carrots or apples but they do not fill me up.

b. Fenugreek. Wow. If you are needing to increase your milk supply, this stuff works. You take 6 pills a day and within 24 hours, you've got enough milk. It is sold to help in digestion so it um, really aids you in that department too:) I'm not sure if that is what did it or if it was drinking and resting a lot, but I've continued taking a bit, especially if I'm exercising more. The downfall is that you smell like fenugreek. It comes out in your sweat, breath, urine etc. You can get it at health food stores...90 pills for $10. I think I will stop taking it if someone says that something smells funny when I'm around them:)

(so hard to get smiles out of him when I'm holding the camera...I'll need to get Gary to take pictures while I get him to smile. Gary says that Koen has dumbo ears, maybe they do stick out a bit:))
c. Having Gary home for 2 weeks has been really good for all of us. Kai got some special one on one time with each of us and I got a break in the mornings. I got to go for a run whenever I wanted! I hope Gary felt that he got some rest. Koen does not nap in the day unless we are carrying him, this means he has maybe three 45 minute naps during the day. At night, he sleeps so well in his bed. I don't understand him. He has been doing so well at night, sleeping 8 hours straight...until last night. He was up to eat 3 times and he has been eating every 2 hours today. Growth spurt I'm guessing.
(two cute dimples)
d. Kai is a wild boy. He is just go, go, go all the time. He also uses a TON of inflection when he talks which makes him so funny to me. Gary bought him some more train tracks and trains for his table and he is loving it. We set it up in our unfinished basement and he loves going down there...only thing is that he wants one of us to always play with him. I said, `Kai, you need a friend to play with.' and he said, `You're my friend mommy!'. Today he was playing with a small toy and he said `Mommy, this is small like plankton'. Ah, love it. Also, in the garage he said, `Mommy, dere's (there's) a quitter by the door!' A quitter? What's a quitter? I found out that it is a CRITTER. There was a huge beetle. Today he had to apologize for hitting me in the head with a ball. I said `I forgive you Kai'. He said, `I forgive you too Mommy'. His potty training has gone so well, I'm so proud of him.

e. Had football practice on Saturday. Love it. Love exercise. Love team sports. Love being outside. Love that my ability is still there. I told Kai that my friend Lisa got a bloody lip at football and he said, `We should pray for Lisa'. What a cutie.

f. I've been struggling with the loss of my mom lately. In May, it will be 3 years since she passed away. I'm not very sad, I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated that she is not there for me for my physical/practical and emotional needs. My mom was a practical woman and she could've helped out with child care/babysitting which seems to keep being a problem for us (if you know of any good babysitters in our area, let me know!). Their house is across the street from us, do you know how convenient that would've been? She would've been here to listen, care, encourage and compliment me. Thankfully I do have a lot of support, but still, I know she cared about me more than anyone else in my life does. She was so proud of me. I am so thankful for what she did provide in my life; she was a great example of what a mother and wife should be. If only she was here just a little bit longer....
g. I didn't mean to end on a sad note's see. When I was putting Kai to bed the other day, I noticed a bunch of marks on the wall. I asked him what they were from and he said (with the hugest grin) `My boogies!'. Gross. Is that appropriate? Probably not.


  1. Ewwww- Kai is such a boy....boogers...interesting. Ani will love to come see the train again.

  2. Those are two very cute boys! You have to love the dimples. Snacks, maybe nuts or fruit. I wouldn't ask me as I survive on carbs. I am trying to add more variety but quick food is usually crackers, muffins etc.

  3. Anonymous10:11 PM

    I would love to babysitt for you guys since I live so close, but at this point.. Im a little far away. Sorry!! :)

    Lynn G.