Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lost it

On Thursday night, I lost it. Meaning, Koen was up at 3am, I fed him. Then, he pooped. A lot. This means I had to change him and then he was wide awake and crying. I held him downstairs and walked with him from 3-4am and then asked/told/yelled for Gary to take him. Gary took him til 5am. I turned on my radio to drown out the crying. The downfall of a baby with reflux is that you can not feed them to sleep because after a feed they need to be upright and often have a lot of discomfort. Oh ya, he vomitted. I just feel like I'm covered in spit up all day long. I need several showers a day. BUT, good news folks. Last night (Friday), he slept from 10:30pm until 7am!!!!! Woohoo!!!! I really think that because he didn't poop in the night, he was able to sleep right through! Also, feeding every 2.5 hours in the day probably helped out. He is a really happy boy and gives me the greatest grins and coos.
Today I had football practice. Awesome. Loved it. Sunny. My throwing seemed to be right where it was when I last played a year ago. Yippee! Gary had both boys for 2.5 hours and I was nervous about the bottle situation but Gary said that after 45 minutes of trying, he took about 4 ounces in the new bottle we got (Playtex drop ins with the tan coloured nipple for those who are struggling getting their baby to take a bottle. The nipple is shorter and softer than the silicone ones). I'm going to continue to get Gary to give a bottle once a day so that Koen gets used to it. Remember I said I would run 5 km by March 7th? Last weekend I did it! It took me a whopping 34 minutes but that gives me something to work on.

Kai and I just gave Gary a hair cut. Kai got to brush Gary's neck even though he really wanted to use the buzzer:) Kai always uses his power tools to pretend to give us hair cuts because I guess the saw sounds like a buzzer? I got Kai a race car track with several loops that he has been having tons of fun with. Okay, time to relax. Both kids are sleeping (and Gary too)!


  1. Weezer - good job on the 5km!! I can't even do it that quickly! (well...I don't really know, but it sounds quite fast!).
    Bloody Koen, eh? Maybe the dry weather? or maybe he hit himself somehow (although then there would be a bruise).
    Glad to hear Gary is there to hold Koen when you ask/tell/yell at him to at 5am :)
    GO for a third. Please!

  2. Great new pics!! The 2nd and last one are my faves. Well done on the 5km!!!!! I am sure struggling with motivation. Hopefully the nice weather will inspire me.