Sunday, March 01, 2009

2 Months Old

Mr. Happy Pants is now 2 months old. He is getting to be so much more fun. He loves to be held. More than anything, he just wants to be talked to and looked at. He has been smiling and making some great cooing and laughing type sounds. His routine is not as scheduled as I like but we do what we can. The reason he isn't on a 3 or 4 hour schedule is because he almost always wakes up when sleeping (about 30 minutes in) due to reflux, gas, or pooping. He poops 10-15 times a day still. Sometimes he just cries for 5 minutes but sometimes, he gets so worked up, I go and get him and he is up for maybe 10 minutes or maybe 4 never know! This guy can stay up for 6 hours straight which is a bit much for someone his age. The longest he's slept in a row was 6.5 hours, what a wonderful night that was!

I really appreciate the fact that he can be soothed quickly. Generally this is just being held (upright or on his belly). His has not vomitted in over a week and I am so thankful. This does not mean he is better, it just means we are doing all we can to never have him lay on his back. He does spit up all day long and the stuff that comes up is really gross, gluey, coagulated milk. I don't think Kai ever spit up at all, so this is quite a change. The breastfeeding has totally improved and is pain free now. Phew. Because he is always on his belly, he had developed some serious upper body strength and even rolled over onto his back. He has super strong legs too and if I hold his hands, he can support himself standing up. Tomorrow he is getting his shots so hopefully that goes okay. He is grabbing at toys and lets us know he's hungry when he sucks on his hand. I wonder if we'll have another thumb sucker....
(Kai above, Koen below, both at 2 months)
(Koen's face is thinner)
He is still sleeping in our room, which is not ideal, but due to his digestive issues, I really feel like I need to be close by. Time to read some stories to big brother Kai. I def. look forward to all that is to come with these boys! We love you Coconut (his current nickname...Koen-->KoKo's-->coconut). Your smiles make my day. When you try to laugh, it makes me so happy. You are very loved my dear.


  1. They are definately turning out to look a lot alike!

  2. Cutie Pies!!! :)

  3. Happy 2 months! I love the photos of him in the blue chair. So sweet.