Thursday, March 12, 2009


-he now weighs 15lbs 6oz
-he has his second cold! I don't think Kai ever had a cold while I breastfed him...
-he's a pretty happy baby
-still not taking a bottle. We have tried 3 different types of nipples and have also fed him with a syringe and little cup. The reason for the sense of urgency is that I am in a wedding in one week and also, football games start in 2.5 weeks (so I'll be gone for more than just a few hours). It's not feasible that Gary come to the games with Kai either, its just too cold and Kai has to nap. Another reason was that we are doing wedding photos this summer but hopefully by then he'll be taking some solids so that should hold him off for a bit. Also, I will not be at the receptions so I shouldn't be away from him for more than 6 hours or so. Any bottle or nipple recommendations? We've done Avent, Playtex Dropins and Evenflo.

(Looking like an old man)

(Uh, is this supposed to be fun?)

-Kai ended up in the ER again last night. He got really sick yesterday, which I realized when we tried to go for a walk and a few feet down the sidewalk he laid face first on the ground and said he was too tired. He went to his room at 10am to rest for the rest of the day. He wasn't eating or drinking anything except for a kiwi. Even with medicine, his fever got up to 103.5F so I got Gary to take him to the hospital around 9:15pm. They waited in the ER for 2.5 hours and not one person saw a doctor in that time so Gary came home. I know I may sound a little paranoid taking him in but the last thing I wanted was for it to get worse and take both kids to the doctor today. Also, a cold I can handle but a stresses me out. Since our crazy bout of sickness in January, I have been using sanitizer on Kai's hands after church or after visiting with other kids. Can't wait til the summer, everyone's healthy in the summer right?

(our living room completely taken over by toys...always. I caught Gary playing with the race car track after Kai went to bed.)
-today he is feeling a bit better and I'm surprised he wasn't grumpier being that he didn't get much sleep last night
-when discussing what to plant in the garden this spring, Kai told Gary that an M+M plant would be a good idea:)
-when begging me to go outside with him, I told him it was too cold and he said, `It'll be okay mommy, I'll hold your hand'. He is so sweet. I had been trying on my bridesmaid dress that I'm wearing next weekend and later, when putting Kai to bed, he said, `That was a pretty dress mommy'. Every night, when I say `I love you Kai', he says, `I love you too mommy'. What could be better?

-I'm good. Terrible sleep last night. Dreamt that my niece (1.5 years old) was carrying a match and lit my mattress on fire. Dreamt I was measuring Kai's temperature and it shot up from 40C to 100C and he died in my arms. Dreamt of giant leaping fish in my house and wild dogs.
-finally finished my blog book (by and should have it in a few weeks. It covers 3 years..from when we were newlyweds til present day:)
-I made some cupcakes last night and I have no idea why. Unfortunately they are not healthy but they taste amazing.

-I think he is tired. Fortunately Spring Break starts this Friday. I have to make sure not to schedule too much stuff in there:) We have 3 photo shoots, I'm in a wedding, and we are going to the island to visit my oma and uncle. We would also like to take the kids to the aquarium which I think Kai would LOVE.
-We've been rotating dinner nights which has been good. Sometimes I make part of my dinner (like the sauce) the night before when Kai is in bed. I love having a husband that can cook and loves to do so. He's so pumped to get our mini garden and herbs going again. I love fresh basil.
-We might be painting our trim this summer. Well, Gary would. Right now it is a weird green colour which we actually chose. We may be going brown like everyone else in this neighbourhood.
Okay, time to try to ease Koen out of this bjorn and into bed and then check Kai's temperature.


  1. Strangely enough, Ezra REALLY likes the Medela nipples. I bought them only because I needed them for the pump we bought, and he took to them really well.
    But we normally use BornFree - the vent system helps eliminate bubbles in the tummy...but those bottles are expensive.
    i hope you're able to find something he'll take!

  2. OH yeah, I was also going to suggest giving him the bottle for his first feed of the day, when they are hungriest. and if Gary can give it to him, that would probably be best! :)

  3. That stinks about the sicknesses!! I hope everyone gets better really soon!

    Wow, those are wild crazy dreams!

    How did the blurb book creation go? I have been tinkering with it but it doesn't pick up comments and that makes me sad. Did it pick up comments for you?

  4. your dream description sounded like pregnancy dreams. You pregnant?
    I've seen this bottle that looks like a breast. You could try it...I think they might have it at baby's world in Coquitlam, or you could order it online.

    I found an example online at:

    I googled baby bottle breast and found it. It is soft and smooshy like a breast. They used to sell them at BugABoo but that store went out of business.

    For fevers (you may know all this but in case)
    of course, lukewarm baths
    not too many clothes
    cool wet cloth on forehead

    alternate tylenol with advil or motrin (kids' of course), ,as they have a synergistic affect when used together
    you can give more than the recommended without overdosing--the package is always VERY conservative wrt dosage, so you can give up to double the dose without worrying. Just don't up the dose more than double, or for too long (longer than say 12 to 24 hours). Also, you will give less medicine overall if you give it more frequently, as it is easier to keep a fever at bay than to get a high fever down. So give him another dose if he is due for one time wise, regardless of how hot he is.

    Medication PLUS warm baths works better than medication alone. I have often forgotten to do the baths and less clothing when I give meds, but they work best if you do all 3.

    Some drop in clinics have night hours until 10 or so...if you can't get help at the ER you can try a clinic. Or next time go to another ER?
    No dr for 2 1/2 hours is technically illegal and considered grossly negligent. I'm appalled but not surprised.

    Hope your kids get better soon!

  5. I have one of those "breast" bottles somewhere if you are interested. That pic of koen in the bumbo is hilarious...does not look too comfy.