Friday, March 27, 2009

Days 10 & 11

On Wednesday morning, we were up and out of the house within 10 minutes to catch the 7:45am ferry to the island. We just went for the day to visit my oma and uncle Al in Port Alberni.
Oma turned 86 this weekend and she is my mom's mom. I have great memories of going to Port Alberni with my family growing up. It was difficult explaining to Kai that this is my oma, his great oma, and that his oma is in heaven. I had told Kai that they are older so he needs to sit and talk quietly while we were there. He just kept asking, `But why are they old?'. Kai also got into the whole `Are we there yet?' routine but travelled very well, it helps to have the ferry ride in the middle. Can't wait for our road trip through BC and the Alaskan panhandle in 1.5 years...we'll def. get some dvd players for our van by then:)
(That is a baby under my sweatshirt in case you were wondering)
On the way back, we walked through Cathedral Grove to check out the huge trees. Kai loved running around and had a fabulous melt down when getting him back into the van.
I sat in the back of the van to hold the soother in Koen's mouth. He didn't cry at all in the whole 12 hour trip....he can hold the soother in for maybe 1-5 minutes and we are working on this, who knew how fabulous a soother could be! I love our van. Love it. So useful and comfortable. Love it!!!
Yesterday we had a photo shoot in Fort Langley (and got some great pictures, I love them!) and then in the afternoon we took some pictures of our friends at Campbell Valley so we took our boys along. Kai loved it there and especially loved copying and running after their 2 older boys.


  1. Nice pics outside. I love the circle lens.

  2. sounds like a nice little trip. I'm glad you're persevering with the soother. it's great when it works, hey?

  3. I love the photo with Oma holding Koen - very cute!!! And Koen sleeping, too - he looks soo peaceful and happy :)