Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My New Hair

I just went and got my hair highlighted and cut at Spa Utopia. I spent more money on my hair than I normally would in a year. I had no idea she planned on taking 3 hours to do my hair so I got her to do it in 2 hours instead because our son no longer takes a bottle!!! He just keeps pushing it out with his tongue. Any tips on getting him to take it? I `need' to get out for football starting this Saturday. Maybe if he's hungry enough he will? We should've kept doing using a bottle once/twice a week..
Okay, onto the hair. Here is the before picture (please don't look at my eyes...I am way too tired)

And...here is my new hair. I said she could go as short as she wanted as Gary loves short hair but she actually didn't take much off of the front.


  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    you look stunning . . younger and i bet your hubby thinks sexier too . .

  2. I love it! Very Nice!

  3. Anonymous11:22 PM


  4. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Love your haircut, Louise. It's similar to mine. Will you have to straighten it to make it look like that again, though? That's the only thing that annoys me. Like I have the time to straighten it every morning? Ha ha, I'm lucky to get a shower. :)

  5. I love your hair weezer...so nice and straight!!! Although at first glance, you reminded me of Nutters! :)
    you can always try feeding lil' one with a cup :) (but you'll lose some milk that way...but it sounds like you have a lot!).

  6. oh wow!!! You look great!

  7. I love your new hair. You look great.