Monday, March 09, 2009

Everest, Mommy belly, and More Baby Stuff

My best friend Lynette and her husband are currently climbing to the base camp of Mt. Everest. I believe the height is the same as the summit of Kilimanjaro, which we hiked together. I hope that one day Gary and I will be able to do Everest base camp together! They will be touring around Nepal and India for 5 weeks. In regards to travel, Gary and I would love to take our boys to Africa (preferably Kenya/Uganda/Tanzania) when they are about 3 and 5. Whether that's for a month or a year, we are really wanting too.

(Here he is giggling with glee..I wish you could hear it. That's as far out as his tongue can go...I'd say that looking back we should've had it clipped as it would've made for easier breastfeeding. Apparently that's a pretty common thing to do. We'll have to see if it affects his speech at all...)

I've been trying to bake with a lot more whole wheat, bran, apple sauce etc as I love to bake but its probably better to decrease the amounts of sugar, butter and white flour. This morning I made some whole wheat chocolate chip cookies from Haley and Rachel's blog and they taste really good. I love the little hint of coffee in them. Also, for the past month or so, I've made a couple batches of Morning Glory muffins, full of carrots, apple, bran and whole wheat, so that I can have a healthy breakfast or snack while walking around the house with Koen. I've been throwing bran into my chocolate chip cookies too. Kai said to Gary, `Mommy's cookies are good! They will make you poop!'.
Tonight we are having honey ginger glazed salmon with roasted sweet potatoes and carrots. I think that salmon is my favourite thing in the world and we def. don't have it enough! In the summers growing up, we would always go fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island (Bamfield) for a week or two and catch a years worth of salmon. That's what happens when you have 5 kids and each can catch their limit:)
Isnt' he getting so cute?! If you want a good laugh, check out Melissa's blog. Maybe you have to have kids to find it funny but it made me laugh A LOT! Koen is just getting up once in the night, and it ends up being about 5am with the time change. He still isn't going down for the night before 10pm but I guess 10pm til 5am is nothing to complain about, its awesome!!! Gary gave him another bottle yesterday and it still took about 45 minutes and he just took 3 ounces. We are just going to continue giving him one a day (which means he needs to eat way more before going to sleep for the night to make up for what he doesn't get in that bottle). I guess if this is the most stressful thing right now, its not a big deal. Gary is so patient with him and is really good at understanding the sounds he makes. For example, the high pitched squeal while eating means put him upright right away.

Gary loves the crying pictures so here is one for him. I think Koen is getting bored of the two things he can go in; the swing (when not moving) and the aquarium bouncer chair (when not vibrating). I can't wait for him to go in the Exersaucer!!! I tried him in the bumbo but it made him spit up a lot because it puts a lot of pressure on his stomach to sit like that. Fortunately our cradle is large enough that he can still fit but we can probably only have him in it for another 3 weeks or so. I'm trying to figure out if we raise our crib to about 45 degrees, if he will be able to sleep on his back. If not, we will probably need to get a firmer crib mattress if he is going to lie on his stomach.

And finally, my mommy belly. Fortunately, I'm pretty confident with the way that I look at this point in my life. However, my belly has been making me a little sad. Mostly, my love handles, you know, the sides that stick out over your jeans. Shirts just don't fit right. You can't wear tighter fitting ones and the baggy ones just make you look pregnant. I'm really thankful that Gary thinks I'm beautiful regardless of my belly size:) I think it's also frustrating that I've had to buy a bunch of new clothes. I know, most people would be excited to get new clothes. However, I don't know if my body is going to change anymore and I don't want to spend a bunch of money on clothes that I might not be wearing in a couple months from now. I am very thankful that I am able to be active and that my body is cooperating:) I'm commited to running 3X a week, anywhere from 2.5-5km. I think this morning I figured out the perfect weight loss plan. Take care of 4 kids ages 3 and under! I watched my sisters kids for just 2 hours this morning and along with Kai and Koen, wow, that was tiring! I think that without Koen it would've been fine, or, if I had Gary with me. My sister and her husband went away for 3 nights to Las Vegas. This is their first time leaving their kids and I can't wait to hear how it went. My sister Jackie and her husband Tyler watched the kids and had a great time. Hey Jackie, wanna watch my boys in a year from now?!
Oh ya, Kai and I went on a `date' last night to get groceries and then we went to Tim Hortons. It was so fun and so relaxing. He had me laughing the whole time. Goofball. Love the one on one time with him.


  1. Hey, B and I have been talking about everest base camp for several years! We should make it a nerdfest....

  2. Your posts are always such a wealth of information that I never remember to comment on anything. Definitely some CUTE pics!! His whole face lights up when he smiles. When Caileigh was spitting up a lot I used to raise her crib mattress by rolling up towels underneath it. It might not lift it as high as you like but it might help?

    I think the most frustrating thing with the post-preggo body is waiting for everything to change. It takes time. You are so active and I can't imagine your body not changing. It took 9 months to gain all the weight and you only gave birth 2 months ago!! Give yourself a break cause I think you look great!

  3. 2 more things..........I also bake a lot and am trying to use healthier ingredients. I am going to try those cookies! The bran is a great idea.

    That link you posted is HILLARIOUS!!!! Oh my goodness!!!

  4. Nice work on the healthy baking. Your supper plans sound amazing. We love salmon too though unfortunately freshness is a bit touch and go here in the middle of the country, in the desert nonetheless.

    We would love to get to Africa too. Though I must say it kind of freaks me out that I could possibly pick up some kind of illness that I would have for the rest of my life. Is that an irrational fear?

    The photos of Koen are VERY cute. Can't wait to meet him.

    And finally, give yourself a break. It's only been two months since you gave birth/had major surgery. You are doing so superfantastic.

  5. Yuppers - if your kids are as good as Annie and Isabelle, then definitely!! I really actually loved spending that time with them, getting to know them a bit better and bonding with them!! Just remember to book us 4 months in advance!!!! :)

  6. Thanks for the blog plug! Koen is such a cutie - I'm glad to hear that he's such a great sleeper.. also wanted to let you know that we're expecting little Campbell #2 at the end of Sept.. I'm most nervous about not sleeping!!!

  7. Wow Louise. You are amazing with the exercise. I'm so impressed. I can't seem to keep up any regular exercise and that's SANS kids and recent surgery. Pitiful. You should feel very good about yourself.

    Love the pics of Koen. It's so great to see you enjoying your boys so much. They are too cute! Kai's turning out to be quite the funny guy. Wonder where he gets it from.