Wednesday, February 04, 2009

2.5 years old!

Game: Hide and Seek
Drink: Hot chocolate or chocolate milk
Sport: Soccer or volleyball with a balloon
Food: Hot dogs and grapes
PJ's: Flannel Clifford Pajamas
TV show: Diego
Song: Row, Row, Row your boat
Snack: Jelly beans or M+M's
Activity with mom: Marching around the house OR going for walks to Extra Foods
Activity with dad: Playing `pokes'. Gary pokes him with his fingers. He pretends the `pokes' (his fingers) are gone and Gary finds them behind Kai's ear or in his pocket and pokes him while he is giggling away.
Pretend play activity: Camping, Shopping (he gets a book and pretends to read a grocery list, gets his back pack and says he's off to Extra Foods), Going to work (grabs his back pack and puts daddy's wallet and keys in it)

-can take off his shoes, coat, shirt
-can hop down the stairs (freaks me out...Gary taught him)
-pretty decent at catching balls
-counts to 15
-knows all his capital letters and half of the lower case ones
-can determine what words start with when you make the sound of the letter
-can count to 5 in spanish
-asks a billion questions....most common `Why?'


-he generally appears to be a little more passive (ex. if someone wants his toy, he will give it long as they are not younger than him!)

-loves playing with other kids his age

-not shy but needs a good explanation of what is going to happen before we go into a new situation

-really concerned when other kids (or Koen) are crying

(Koen was upset so I put him in the chair so I could get the bjorn on and Kai grabbed his two Bubi's and hopped up in the chair to share with him)

I love this big 35lb guy. He makes me laugh. Every night, he takes off his pj top so when I go in to check on him before bed, I put it back on. He keeps his eyes closed but has the biggest grin on his face because he thinks he such a monkey. I think he is def. getting back to `himself' as the whole transition to being a big brother AND having a terrible flu was a bit rough on him (understandably). It's amazing how much kids understand at this age, you can explain so much to them! Looking forward to what's to come:)


  1. I love this little onion :)

  2. Such a sweet kid, that Kai. Love that he shared his Bubi's with Koen.