Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kind of a smile?

So, not sure how this potty training thing is supposed to work but I had Kai in underwear from when he woke up until nap time. He didn't pee once. How do I get him to pee on the toilet? Otherwise, I'm scared he'll just hold it forever! He told me that the toilet said it didn't want him to pee in it. Interesting. Before his nap:

Kai: Mommy, what are you going to do when I'm sleeping?
Me: Maybe I'll take a nap
Kai: You can play with my toys mommy. You can play with my tools.
Another conversation...while he was looking in the mirror:
Me: Kai, why are you looking in the mirror?
Kai: I just want to see if I look nice.
Me: And, what do you think?
Kai: I look willy (really) nice.
The past two days, Koen was eating every 1.5-2 hours. I was gonna lose it. Fortunately, this was not at night. I don't want to say that nights are great because then I'm scared that he will prove me wrong. But ya, last night he went to bed at 9pm. He ate at 1:30 am and then was up at 5:45am for the day. To me, that's great:) Now when we change him, even his change pad is on an incline so although there is still spitting up at any time (not just after a feeding), he is keeping most of it down. I am now putting him down half asleep and letting him cry for max 5 minutes. That's as much as my heart/mind can handle at this point. Koen is seriously so big. I just look down at him when I'm feeding him and can't believe how huge he seems. Also, I think having a baby makes Kai look massive too...although, maybe he's growing too? These boys are gonna cost us a fortune in grocery bills when they are teenagers!
Gary's team lost last night. If they lose again tonight, they are done. They haven't been to the provincials in probably 5 years so I know he really wants to win but I think I'll be okay either way:)
Hey, wanna know our number 2 choice for Koen's name? It was going to be Logan. This is just because its a mix of Louise and Gary in a way. I often wonder if I like Koen's name but Kai's took a bit to stick too. Okay, he's been crying for 5 minutes. Must rescue him. I just want to put my feet up. I think that with more than one kid, you don't get a chance to sit down and put your feet up.


  1. I still sometimes wonder if we gave Livi the right name too. My number two choice was Milla but Jon didn't love it. Our pastor decided, when his daughter was 1.5, that he wanted her name to be Annie so at the dinner table he rallied all the other kids against their mom and wanted to change her name! Their compromise was to call her Annie, which isn't even remotely close to her legal name, but not change it legally.

  2. Interesting about the name thing. Isabelle's name was actually not decided until a few hours after she was born. It was Isabelle or Mya and she was over 9 lbs so I thought Isabelle suited her more. Some days I still wonder as well if we picked the best name....but Izzy is starting to stick as her nickname and I like that! I am sure Koen will grow into his name as well. Kai and Koen sounds so good together.

  3. I love the photos, especially the last one. He looks so pensive and restful. He looks like you!

    Nice work on keeping the undies dry Kai! If you figure out how to make your kid use the toilet, let me know. My kids don't just run over there when I suggest it either. Lately Micah has been nude all afternoon, no accidents. But in the mornings when he's wearing pullups, he uses them. He just has to make up his mind to use the bathroom. With Eva I just had to wait it out. I knew she could and I knew she knew what I expected, but she had to come around to it herself. I guess the same will happen with Kai and with Micah.

    I'm so glad Koen is vomiting less!

    I'm kind of frightened about my grocery bills in 10 years give or take, too. But I guess there are worse things than a healthy hungry teenaged boy!

    I have been getting a chance to put my feet up more lately- only 2 more years of running after them Louise! ;)

    Good luck to Gary's team tonight!

  4. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Koen is a great name - Logan is super cute too though! But what the lingering ? is, s what would have been the girl choices?


    Cath, Sean and Olivia

  5. I love the name Koen. I also really like Kai and it was a name I considered if Caileigh had been a boy!