Monday, February 02, 2009

One Month

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I cannot believe how fast this month has gone! With Kai, it seemed to take forever. So, I would def. say that the second time around, things go much faster. So far, he is quite a content little guy and can be easily soothed by being held in the bjorn or anything that keeps him upright. I think once we can figure out what's causing all the gas pain, we will have one super happy camper. Getting Koen to sleep during the day takes a bit of work, but at night, generally he will fall back asleep right away after a feed (except last night when he was up from 3:30-6am). He's eating at least every 3 hours during the day but sometimes stretches it out at night. Two nights ago, he went 5 hours! Although, that was after eating off an on for 4 hour straight so was it worth it?!
(see the dimples?!)
He sleeps fabulously in the car seat and therefore enjoys car rides. He has smiled at me several times this last week and I cannot wait to see more of them!

(Kelly, copying your idea:))
Here he is at one month and I will take a picture each month on this blanket so you can see him grow. I probably should've laid him the other way...oh well. I weighed him this morning and he was 12 lbs 2oz (right after a feed so maybe give or take a few ounces!) I did it on our digital scale...weighed myself with and without him so should be accurate. He is a different kind of eater. He eats a lot but we don't work the best together. It's still a little painful for me and he takes a while to latch on which means anything but the `regular' position is a no go. The pain is because when he is having gas pains or if the milk is coming too fast, he clamps down on me and holds. Grrrrrrr.....
(Touching Koen's toesies)
Kai is a good big brother and knows that if he's crying, he needs milk. He often asks me to put Koen down so that I can play but is overall quite understanding. Kai understands I have an owie (he often asks to see it) so he knows I'm not strong enough to carry him or bounce him up the stairs yet.
Awwwww. Totally looking forward to these guys being buddies and all the fun times ahead!! Oh ya, as for more kids. We are almost positive that we are done but will wait 2 years to solidify that decision if you know what I mean:)


  1. My bet is you will have one more in 3 years.....this is proof that I will be right:o) They are cute....will be super nice when they can actually play together (most likely around time when Koen crawls/walks.)

  2. Happy One month! I never knew I wanted three until I had never know. Very sweet pics.......oh and I got out for a short run today and things feel great!

  3. SO CUTE! Love the brother photos!!!

  4. I love seeing pictures of Kai interacting with Koen. I can't believe it has already been a month! Wahoo!