Wednesday, February 04, 2009

100 million bacteria

*there is a post about Kai after this one*
First off, I am just too frustrated with Koen's puking to talk about it but I will let you know how the BioGaia drops (I paid $36 for 5mL!) work once he's been on them for another day. Seemed strange putting 100 million bacteria into his mouth (I know, bacteria are in everything and everywhere). Koen was up screaming from 3-5am this morning, Gary took him from 4-5am. With Kai, I never asked him to help me during the nights, but this time around, I know that I have 2 kids to take care of during the day and need some sleep. I feel a little guilty. Gary is a person who really needs his sleep, at least 8 hours. I just feel like I cannot take the crying when he is inconsolable. I can't just let Koen cry because then Kai wakes up. Let's hope tonight is a good one!


  1. hope the nights get better for you and that koen's tummy feels better soon. i know the feeling...we had a few rough weeks with asher too.

  2. oh dear, so sad. for all of you! have I told you about my friend's website? - She really really knows her stuff. Snoop around her sight, send her an email, and she also has a group on Facebook. Tell her I sent ya.