Friday, February 20, 2009

He Peed!

Kai peed on the toilet! He went to the bathroom by himself and got the toilet seat ready. He then decided to wash his hands which must be the trick (running water). He sat down on the toilet and peed! I cried. Seriously, so exciting folks. So exciting. He is the proud recipient of green and yellow jube jubes and a big mommy hug!
*Afternoon update: Peed again on the toilet! He kept going on by himself and was finally able to `get the pee out'. Went out with gramma for 1.5 hours and stayed dry (I put him in a Pull Up). Had his diaper on for his nap. Yippee!*


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Congratulations! Success is sweet :)

  2. that's great! I should have mentioned that we did that with Taeya at the beginning - sat her on the potty and put her hand in a warm bucket of water. worked almost every time :)

  3. what a big boy...they grow up so fast :)
    Koen looks really cute in the blog before this one!!! :)