Wednesday, February 25, 2009


(I wish Koen's eyes were open but take what you can get)

Me: Kai! Daddy! Look, Koen is smiling!
Kai: Mommy, look at me! I'm smiling too!
Me: Good job Kai.

Koen has been smiling and cooing for me and its beautiful. I wish I could capture it but it will come. Seriously, so beautiful.

I might be sick of playing camping with Kai. All we do is eat pizza, go and get more pizza, and hide under the blanket when we see a skunk. I think we saw at least 20 skunks in a row.... I look forward to the day when Kai and Koen can play together. I think we need to actually take him camping so he knows what it is all about. He hasn't been camping since he was 7 months old. I would like to go this summer but with a 6 month old...ya, been there, done that. Not fun. I know, we could use an actual trailer or camper but Gary and I are big on using our backpacking tents which aren't the best for infants.

Kai: Mommy, wanna see something bery special I can do?
(He put on Gary's shoes and announced....) `I'm skiing!'. Yes Kai, that is bery special.

Kai has continued to impress us with his potty training. Yesterday he came down from a 3 hour nap and asked me to take off his diaper so he could pee. His diaper was dry too! I'm wondering if he is doing so well because it takes attention away from Koen and gives him alot more. Whatever it is, I hope it continues. I can't believe I was so nervous about it.

Yesterday, when walking back from getting groceries. Kai stopped on the sidewalk and refused to move. No reason. Just stopped. I knew I could bribe him with something but I don't want to get into that habit. He should listen to me just because I'm his mom. I tried to talk nicely. I told him if he didn't start walking, he would get a time out. Nothing worked. Maybe I could have taken away a privilege, I don't know. I had to physically pick him up screaming (with Koen in the bjorn...that's 50lbs total) and strap him into the stroller. Oh man, I hope no one was watching because my face and tone was not happy. He had his first 5 minute time out (usually 2 minutes). Time to read up on dealing with 2-3 year olds!

Finally, what is that white stuff falling down from the sky right now? It can't be snow, that would just be ridiculous. Seriously, this is ridiculous.


  1. Such a sweet smile! There is nothing more precious than when your baby smiles and coos at you.......melts my heart. Kai and his 2 year old ways, hang on for a wild ride!!!!

  2. Way to go on the potty training! It is so much easier to have one less bum to change. Keep up the good work Kai!

  3. i know you know this, but i just wanted you to know that i support your decision to have koen by c-section 100%.
    i posted a long monologue regarding c sections on my blog and totally offended one of my readers and wanted to make sure you know i was not addressing you or anyone else or intending to offend or criticize anyone who chose sections as their method of birth! i really was trying to address the system as a whole.
    so i hope you were not hurt by my post.

  4. thank you.
    i'm glad you heard what I was actually saying, and did not feel criticized or offended.
    and i'm very glad you had a better experience this time around.
    i'd say koen was def. not negatively affected by his birth; he's pretty darn perfect! :)
    And as for how much it cost; def. less than 10,000. prob more like 5? depends if complications or unusual circumstances. but it really doesn't matter how much it cost. it matters more that you are healthy, he's healthy, and you are happy with your experience!!
    i once asked my cardiologist how much my heart surgery cost and she got mad! said my job was to get better, not worry about money for a medical system that could afford to make me healthy again! same for you.

  5. With that being said...I do not want to know how much my 12 days of bedrest + c-section + 4 months with 2 babies in the NICU cost. I'm just glad I am not in the States!