Saturday, February 07, 2009


I remember how jealous I was of Melissa when she went for her first run post partum. I hadn't planned on going today but when the sun was out this morning, and Gary was home to watch the boys, I just couldn't resist! I put on my beloved running clothes and off I went. I wish I could say that I ran like the wind but I def. felt my incision. Not in a painful way, it just felt tight. So, I took it very easy. I ran 3 minutes, walked 3 minutes and then ran 5 more minutes. I know, not impressive. I was just testing my body out. I just really want to make sure I'm 100% healed. I plan on being able to run 5km in a month from now. There, I said it. By March 7th, I should be able to run 5km:)
(very out of focus, but here I am after my first jog in 7 months!)
Kai is at Ani's bday so we just had Koen home today! We tried to get some pics with his eyes open but he just kept falling asleep (why doesn't he do that at midnight??)
We def. need to get a family shot at some point but I have no idea how that is going to happen with these two little monkeys.
Gary and I had a `wild' day. We refilled all of our spice jars together, walked to the grocery store, and then walked to Starbucks. Koen was an angel in the bjorn the whole time. Well, better feed the little monkey and go pick up the big one. Oh ya, so Kai's nicknames have always been Kaisie and Kai bear. Our little guy? We've accidentally been calling him Koko...not sure I want that one to stick but it's been flying out of our mouths non stop. Anyway, Koko wants to eat. He's been on a 2.5 hour cycle for a couple days now. Piglet.


  1. Doesn't it feel good to get out running!! I have managed 2 runs now and although I am jogging very slow, it feels great to get out of the house by myself. Sounds like you and your husband had a great day. The little things can be so relaxing and enjoyable now. It's funny. Cute pictures.

  2. Go Louise! 5k wow! I wish I had the drive to have such goals :)

  3. Your photo is blurry because you were running so fast! ha ha. Way to go for getting out there. Impressive.

    Love the B&W shots of you and Koen. Cute!

  4. Look at that nice right leg gastronemious muscle in the first photo! Way to go Weezer!