Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My boys

(Kai's new hat from Opi. He also got a sleeveless Nike drifit shirt which he put on and then said he was ready to play basketball on daddy's team)
When I said that Koen was an easy baby, I should have said, Koen is an easier baby than Kai. He has gotten a lot more challenging lately. I still very much appreciate that he can be soothed by being in the bjorn BUT that is all that works (or going for a walk in the stroller). He is soothed quickly but as soon as he is put back down, crying ensues. I'm positive it is reflux as almost every time he has puked, it was after he had been lying on his back for more than a few minutes. This means, I have been putting him to sleep on his belly, on an incline. Yes, I think about SIDS, but its either that or the car seat. They recently had something on the news about a baby that died while sleeping in a car seat and they recommended not letting them sleep in there.

(This is how Koen usually naps in the daytime...once I get him tired enough in the bjorn)

Two nights ago, I was walking the neighbourhood in my pj's, at 11pm, in the rain trying to get him to sleep. At least I was getting some exercise and fresh air?

(Kai loves his playdough. He loves making worms/spaghetti with it)

So, Saturday I got out of the house for 3 hours!! Woohoo!! Gary gave him a bottle of pumped milk and it went well. However, when I got home, Gary looked absolutely terrible. He had been puking. Violently. I've only seen Gary puking one other time and it wasn't pretty. So, I set up a bed in the baby nursery (Koen still sleeps in our room) so that Gary could get a nice, solid sleep and so we wouldn't be interrupted or infected by him. Fortunately, I think it was food poisoning so the rest of us were okay. Gary is back to normal now. Phew.

(Auntie Trisha reading stories to the kids at Ani's bday)

When Kai was 6 weeks old, we put him in his own room. I don't feel comfortable doing that with Koen because I need to be aware of his vomiting. Also, he is on his tummy and his cry is quieter and I don't think i would hear him (our ridiculous baby monitor doesn't work).

(Ani got a huge princess ensemble for her 3rd birthday which she loves! Kai was at Ani's bday with 3 other girls. It was princess themed. He was upset when Ani didn't let him wear the princess gear. He thinks that a prince is just a boy that wears princess stuff.)

Gary asked me the other day what my plan was for the day. Seriously, my plan is that everyone gets through the day alive, fed, dressed, and rested. Anything on top of that is awesome. I have been taking the kids out for walks in the sit and stand stroller which is soooooo perfect for us. Kai loves it and can easily hop down and walk alongside us. Unfortunately, I did have to bribe Kai with hot chocolate the other day to get him to go for a walk...he loves it once he's out but it takes him a few minutes. I don't like bribing him, but boy, it works!

(My sis Maria, post laser eye surgery, with Bbelle. For anyone contemplating it, the recovery is tougher than they say but fully worth it!)

Kai loves his sports class and comes out of it all red faced and tired which I love. I can't wait until Koen is a little less needy (aka not attached to me 3/4 the day) so that I can play with Kai a little more. I feel bad that I've had to be a less fun mom for the past 2 months. I love it when Gary is home so that I am free to run around with Kai. Oh ya, he has been really getting into `hide and seek' and `I spy'. What a fun, and tiring, stage!

(Ani opening gifts and Kai pigging out in the background...he could eat 24/7)

I have been baking and cooking up a storm. Mmmmm...chicken curry last night was yummy! Usually this can only happen when Gary gets home or when Kai is in bed because I just don't enjoy doing it while holding Koen and entertaining Kai. I find that I feel quite hungry these days and I guess a lot of it has to be due to breastfeeding (which I am not enjoying by the way...way more stressful/difficult/painful/acrobatical this time around). This means that I have plateaued my weight loss with 10lbs to go. I am not a dieting type (besides homemade cookies, we eat very healthy in our home) so I need to exercise but it's a fine balance because I need to have enough energy to make a whole lotta milk.

Finally five things:

1. Basketball should be done in a few more weeks!! I am more excited about this than anything right now. Please know that I do think it's great that Gary is doing it, I don't complain about it, and I will always support him in coaching BUT, I cannot wait to have him back by dinner time each night AND have him stay home!!!

2. I really think that our family is complete.

3. Koen puked 2 times on Sunday which meant that my body had to work so hard at replenishing my milk because he eats a full feed after he pukes. I think if we never lay him on his back again, we should be able to avoid the puking. This is my goal.

4. I have been getting lots of SMILES from Koen!! I'll have to get Gary to take a picture of it somehow...when he's home...one day...(uh oh, I sound bitter!)

5. The things that come of out Kai's mouth often sound a lot like me. It is very cute but somewhat scary because I don't want him to turn into a neat freak. He saw a construction site and said `They need to clean up, we should sing them the clean up song!'.

The end.


  1. Oh yeah, the 11pm walks. I totally remember those. Those pics are adorable. I would like to specify my recovery was tougher than I thought it would be, but for some people it is very easy. Totally depends on the person. Kai does like his food - but he is a growing boy and needs it :o)

  2. Ashlyn came home from the hospital on Zantac for several months because of her reflux...she would violently puke up every feed. Might be something worth discussing with your doctor if his reflux is really that bad? We were able to wean her off at about 10 months (actual age) or 6 months (corrected age).

  3. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Have you heard of the Amby Baby Hammock? Supposedly they're great for comforting babies with reflux. Kind of expensive but maybe you could find one second hand . . . just an idea. Praying for comfort and sleep for all of you!

  4. oh babe, don't worry about the sleeping on the tummy thing. You are so in tune with him that you would get to him/wake up to him if he ever got into trouble. The risk of SIDS is low. Especially if he sleeps at night in your room you really don't have to stress. It's okay! I slept on my tummy and probably so did you; that was what they recommended when our moms were having babies!!
    I think also that if you prop him up it helps keep the air flow fresh around his head. Plus, you are doing lots of other SIDS preventative stuff: breastfeeding, carrying him lots, smoke free environment, etc.
    Hang in there! You're doing awesome and the breastfeeding will settle down soon.

  5. Praying that you and Koen can beat the puking. I have an Amby Baby- I'd lend it to you if I were close enough!!

    Way to go you for your determination to breastfeed despite the discomfort!!! I encourage you to continue looking for ways to make it more comfortable for you. It shouldn't hurt!

    I soaked my stinky kitchen cloth in some water with a single drop of tea tree oil for a few hours this morning..... SWEET SMELLING SUCCESS!!