Friday, February 13, 2009

6 weeks!

Wow, time is flying. Koen is now 6 weeks old. You may think I blog a lot (or too much) but I love looking back, especially over this last month as it's kind of a haze. Growing up, I wrote in my journal every night until I was married. Then, debriefing the day with Gary was my journal. Now, I have this too. I love it.
Koen sits in here calmly for about 15-20 minutes (and then a gas attack makes him start crying. I can't let him cry because then he starts gagging. Maybe it's time to restrict my diet even more?)

Gary and Kai watching Turbo Dogs this morning before Gary had to go to work.
Dorky looking smile:) Gary tried to get a picture of him smiling but the best ones are always missed. Soon we will be getting a lot more. Today I got 4 in a row...precious!

Kai didn't want to put his arm around Koen. I think Koen felt unloved...
What else?
1. I get to go to Gary's bball game tomorrow sister Jackie and her husband Tyler are watching Kai (well, he'll be sleeping but still, they are coming over!). I love going to watch him coach, although maybe not the most romantic valentines day.
2. Kai's pretend play is non stop. When he tries to involve me, I just do what he says because I don't understand half of what we are doing (today we were bringing our sailboats to the shop to get tires on them aka carrying pillows to the office to put blocks on them)

(Dancing with one of his many stuffed animals...he sleeps with at least 10 every night)
3. This morning after his first feed, I changed Koen right away. Bad move. I know better...wait half an hour. Puke. All over Gary this time. He then went to sleep in his bassinet and puked and slept in it (I noticed it 20 minutes later). When I say puke, I mean 5 oz worth. Grrrrr.
4. Another pair of my jeans fit! Woohoo!
5. Koen's `schedule' this week has basically been: pig out all the time. He eats every 2-21/2 hours during the day. At night, he goes 4-5 hours!

(something I made a few weeks back..hanging in our hallway)
6. Walked to Extra Foods (saw Adrienne...hi Adrienne!) and Kai pushed the stroller with Koen in it for 2 blocks. I am so patient. He didn't want me to help at all so I had to secretly steer it when I could.
7. Koen's 0-3 month sleepers are getting pretty small. I think we'll be into the 3-6 months next week.


  1. I love that you blog frequently!! I enjoy reading. Happy 6 weeks!! I really like that photo frame in your hall. Yay on the 4-5 hour stretches at night! We had a 4 hour stretch last night and it felt amazing!! There was something else I was going to comment but now my mind went completely blank.......gotta love that sleep deprivated mind.

  2. Love the new family pic....great turn out!!!

  3. I love the framed photo collage of Koen that you made. How lovely!