Sunday, May 18, 2008

Taste of Summer

This weekend has felt so much like summer. It was awesome getting the flip flops, shorts and tank tops out again! Gary came home earlier than expected, on Friday night. I had rented `P.S. I Love You' and finished just in time. I was slightly disappointed by the movie as I had been told by several people throughout the week that I had to see it and it would make me cry. Call me heartless, but I didn't cry! I'm usually the biggest crier ever, even for commercials, but I think because they said I would cry, then I didn't (I don't like it when people tell me what to do:)) Gary had a great trip and all the kids came back safe and sound with great memories so that's fabulous. I've done the trip twice and I wish i could have gone with him but I don't like the idea of leaving Kai for 5 days, and besides, who could take care of our crazy monkey?!

Yesterday, we spent time getting dirt for our garden and transporting it with our recycling bin. For the size of our yard, there is no reason to get a wheelbarrow:) It was so hot and I don't know what we did for fun yesterday but I know that I had some time to myself which was fabulous.

In church today, Kai was a disaster. He didn't like the nursery at all. I could hear him screaming from church and when his number popped up, I ran back there. I hope this is not a new stage because someone has to go to daycare on Tuesday! I tried taking him into church but he does not know how to be quiet. He kept saying stuff like `Uncle Brent praying!' (his uncle is our pastor). `All done, Kai's house!'. I'm not sure why, but he really wanted to go home. When we got home, we planted the peas, carrots, beans and lettuce in our small garden. Here are some pictures of Kai helping which is his fav. thing to do!

He is honestly such a chatterbox, I don't think he can go one minute without talking. When Gary came home, he said `What happened to him?!' because in just 5 days, he has been talking up a storm. Yesterday, Gary took Kai to bring the trailer to gramma and grandpa's house and he said `Drop the trailer off!' so he is saying many 4 word sentences now!

Another big thing is the toilet! If you are not into potty training, don't read! For the past week or so, he will say `toilet, poo poo' so we will put him on it, he will pretend to go for a minute or so and then say `no poop, all done'. Well, on Friday he actually did do it TWICE and once today at church. Good job buddy!!! Because we are not actively potty training, I think this could be a very drawn out process but that's okay with me, I'm in no hurry.

Kai is actually playing in his room by himself right now, this is rare when i'm around. Usually he has to do everything with me all the time. With Gary, he is better at playing by himself because Gary is better at ignoring him:) I'm trying to figure out how to get him to play by himself more often, but, he does not like toys or books. He doesn't watch tv although I have a feeling he might watch a Diego DVD so I may get one. I don't like him playing outside by himself but I guess I could just sit out there with him and not play with him.

I'm so excited that summer is just a month away. We will be busy with a wedding almost every Saturday and a trip to Disneyland but I hope we can do a bit of stuff around here like start finishing the basement. I would love to have a giant play area downstairs so that I'm not always cleaning up in the kitchen and great room area AND so that I get some Louise time each day.

One complaint about craigslist, this week, I have made plans to pick up a camcorder the following day at a certain time and when I called a few hours before the designated time to confirm, they told me it was sold! Excuse me?! You said I could have it and we had confirmed a time. This happened TWICE. If you are going to sell it to me, then do so! Trust me. Grrr....we're going to buy it off of ebay now.

By the way, last thing: We all napped today!!! I'm not a napper but I think the heat has gotten to me, it was awesome!

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