Friday, May 16, 2008

Long Weekend

Wow, what amazing weather for the long weekend! I hope we do some fun stuff. There's not much on the agenda, just maybe buy a used camcorder with a hard drive. I have one of those old high 8 ones with tapes which our new computers can no longer convert. Gary made a nifty DVD of Kai's first year and I would like to continue making a DVD a year that's about 10 minutes long of all the highlights.
This morning, Kai was up at 5am. I was so tired and not in the mood but I thought that if I let him sleep where daddy sleeps, he would fall asleep. Nope. Gary has been gone since Tuesday so its just a bit more tiring not having much down time! So, we decided to do a couple loads of laundry, have breakfast and then we were out of the door by 7am to head to White Rock. We have a photo shoot there next weekend and I just wanted to check out a few locations while Kai ran wild. The beach was busy already at 8am, it must be this beautiful weather!
Gary is doing the Wellness Trip with his PE 12 class (Powell River Circuit). He better be wearing so much sunscreen, although, i can't really talk. Yesterday I had 2 science 9 classes outside launching their rockets and I burnt my neck and upper back so badly. I really do not like getting tanned/burnt as I'm freckly enough and had enough moles removed. I'm prob. the only one wearing a long sleeved shirt outside today:)
I thought it might be fun to have the slide go into the pool. He just wanted to make a giant soup out of it. He threw thyme, weeds and dirt in it and them mixed it with the baseball bat. He loves to mix anything.

Maybe I'll try napping, I've never been a good napper. Hope you all have a great long weekend!


  1. I can sympathize with the 5am wakeup calls! I've HAD to get good at napping.

    Kai looks so grown up in that last picture!

  2. I sounds like Kia is such an awesome buddy to hang out with! Enjoy the sun! (good reminder about the sun screen!)

  3. I love this last picture!