Monday, May 05, 2008

Busy Weekend

Friday, Gary finished his Wilderness First Aid course and came home at 8pm exhausted. As soon as he got home, I ran out. I don't really remember what I did but I just needed to get out:) On Saturday, same old with football (we lost a close-ish game) and baseball.
On Sunday, my four sisters, my dad and myself went to Crescent beach for our annual memorial for my mom. We walked the beach (my dad has a pedometer now to help him get in shape so he made sure we walked for enough!) and then went to the Beecher Street Cafe for lunch.

The anniversary for her death is on Wednesday. I have to admit that it has gotten much better over time but I really try not to think about it much. I would say the hardest day ever is Mother's Day which is always within a week of May 7th. I miss her a lot and actually miss more what could've been. She would've loved Kai and loved being just across the street from him. Kai would love oma so much too, especially her baking:) However, I'm still so thankful for what I do have and the life I had growing up.

After Crescent beach, Gary and I dropped Kai off at Ani and B-belle's house so he could play for the evening while we went to Jericho to take engagement photos. Ani and B-belle were wearing their cute dresses so we tried to get pictures of them but it wasn't too successful.

Here's a few pictures of Kai. Again, the `Mommy you are making life so tough on me' face:)

His hair looks a little red to me...isn't he cute?!

I'm happy to be home tomorrow, I hope its sunny!

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