Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cuddle? Relax!

Kai loving his `new' bug book.

He's used a few new terms now like `too big!' `too hot!' `too noisy!'. When something is too noisy, he covers his eyes instead of his ears...not sure why!

When Kai woke up from his nap, he said `Cuddle? Mommy? Chair?'. So we snuggled on the chair to read some books and he said `Kai relax' (not sure when he learned that word!)
(The post nap look, not quite ready to let go of Bubbi)
(Daddy and Kai sharing a joke. Kai recently learned our names and calls Gary `Gaygay' because he can't say the `r'. In turn, Gary tries to get him to call me `Mammary' instead of mommy. They think they are funny).
We had an engagement shoot in White Rock this morning and I just thought I'd put a couple pictures here before I figure out which ones to post on our other site:)

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