Monday, May 19, 2008

May Day in Fort Langley

Gary was in charge of family day today so he decided that we should go the May Day Parade. We started out at Derby Reach which would be a great location for an engagement shoot if you ask me! Kai saw his first Canadian Geese and enjoyed running around with all the doggies.

Check out Gary's new shorts below. If you don't know him, he wears shorts about 360 days a year and he usually wears the same kind everyday. This is a bit wild for him. Did you notice his newest hair cut, i think I'm getting a bit better at it:)
Enjoying (?) the May Day Parade. It took FOREVER for it to get going. Fortunately there were enough things to keep Kai's attention like `motiebikes', horses and balloons.
Our official taste tester. The knife is actually out of his reach. Time for dinner!

I only have to teach 8 more days!!!!!! Then, exams and meetings. But still, 8 more days! Wow.

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