Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We had a good weekend in the Chapman household. It seems like the happiness and giggle factor has increased immensely which is good for all. Gary got to go to MEC on Friday night and bought himself some goodies. On Saturday, Kai and Gary made a yummy breakfast. Kai mixed the eggs, added salt and pepper, and then got chives from the garden. What 21 month old knows his herbs? He seriously loves to help mommy and daddy in the kitchen more than anything else.

Then, I hit two amazing garage sales to find a huge plastic slide and clothes for Kai. In the afternoon, I had an awesome football game. We all played well and I think we made our coach proud:) When I got home, Gary had a yummy dinner of braised beef short ribs and mashed potatoes for me. He also made an baked apple dessert with vanilla bean icecream....yummy!

(Kai trying to learn how to lick his first icecream cone...well, it was mine but he had his fair share!)

This morning I was in the nursery at church but Kai has been coughing so he stayed home with Gary. This afternoon we went to Crescent beach for the Chapman annual Mother's Day celebration. Kai had so much fun chasing his cousins, doggies, and birds. He also pigged out and ate more than I did! There's something so beautiful about watching your kid being so happy. He was meeting other kids and rolling down the hills with them. He gave out a huge amount of hugs and wanted to hold so many hands.

(concentrating hard!)
I think that by being a mom, it has been easier to celebrate this day. I feel for people who have lost their moms and do not have their own children to help celebrate their day. I love Kai more than anything and it really is like having your heart running around outside of your body. I don't love every part of the mom role, but it has allowed for a lot of stretching and growth in my life. At night, when i see Kai in his car bed, i just want to lay next to him and snuggle. I always knew when I was younger that I wanted to have kids but I never thought about what it would do to me. I never thought about how my life would change so much in regards to my role, responsibilites and mass of emotions.

(Kai with his closest Chapman cousin, Kieryn)

(Kai with grandma....he calls her MahMah)

Now, time to sit back and relax!

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