Saturday, May 24, 2008


*WArning: this is a boring blog, I can't even read over it*
I've realized that I haven't blogged since Tuesday and the reason why is that nothing has happened and I have only taken two pictures all week. I won't post the pictures because its Kai pooping on the toilet (which he has done a lot over this past week!). My dad, due to his profession (probation officer), has made me uber careful about what I post:)

We were supposed to go to `Eat! Vancouver' last night but Gary injured himself while teaching PE class and may have just a bruised rib or maybe even a broken one. He says if it continues to hurt a month from now, he'll get it checked out. We are so different. So we just went to grandpa and gramma Chapmans house to visit for a bit. Then, we rented Ocean's 13 from Save-On-Foods. My friend Ali told me about the video cube they have there so that rentals are only $2.00, that is a whole lot better than the $6 at Rogers! It was a decent movie but it wasn't too complex or surprising as I could follow it quite easily:) We also may have eaten some chocolate lovers ice cream...I've decided that banning ice cream and cookies from my diet is not worth the 2 lbs.

Today, I had a football game against a very athletic and tall team. We lost but we did get two touchdowns in there. I don't think we'll win another game all season but I'm still looking forward to each game. Tomorrow morning we have an engagement shoot before church. This Wednesday we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Well, I don't think we'll actually celebrate it on Wednesday but that is the big day! I'll try to put some fun pictures in tomorrow...if anything fun happens:)

Oh ya, what does `bugs' have to do with it? Kai loves bugs and i got him a bug book from a garage sale today. He's pretty pumped about it and his favourites are the bumblebee and the merms (worms).


  1. Thanks for giving me and Tyler your 'eat Vancouver' tickets- Very fun! :)
    Also, even if his rib was broken, not much to'll just grow back stronger :)

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM

    all i can say is the pictures with flowers and lots of colour must be taken at your dads house cause his yard and gardens are so well kept-- isee him sweating/ toiling out there--e and we appreciate it so much as one of his nieghbours