Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Hey, friends!  Every week I write down 10 things that I am grateful for.  Here are my thankful items from this week:

1.  A new table from Rustic Valley. We've had our old pub-style table for 11 years and I loved it so much but it wasn't working well for our family anymore as one of our kids has a very time staying seated so hopefully with his feet on the ground it will help.  Also, now I don't have to worry about younger kids falling off the higher chairs when they visit.  Finally, I wanted to lighten things up and how beautiful is this locally made table?

2.  Four leather chairs for $5.  I thought they were white when I was bidding on them but they are cream-coloured. I think it matches the table top but I'm not sure about the white going with it!  However, these chairs are so comfortable and easy to clean!  They were originally $200 each but they were cracked in storage so they were just trying to get rid of them.  Somehow having less than perfect chairs makes me feel less nervous about my kids wrecking stuff.  So, the question: Should I get the white wooden Ikea chairs for this table or do you think the cream-coloured ones work? (see above)

3.  A day to treat myself.  On Wednesday I bought myself flowers, Starbucks, went shopping for myself and had a massage.  These past few weeks have been really exhausting so I needed it!

4. Nya playing alone in her room.  I love listening to her singing and playing with her dolls.  

5.  Shopping advice.  I love the support that I get from Facebook friends.  These are my regular jeans that I do love but it was time to buy more so Facebook advice to the rescue! I ended up buying two pairs, one from Old Navy and one from Bootlegger. 

6.  The kids getting along.  Saturday was surprising as the kids played nicely. Kai led them through "school"--Math, PE, Art etc.

7.  A new show that I love: This is Us. If you liked Parenthood, you will love it.  In the last five minutes they had my heart in their hands.

8.  Gary being such a super dad/foster dad!  He was home for just one hour and took the table apart with while letting our Little One do the drill with him.  So sweet.

9. Fall is here.  It's not my favourite but I do love the colours of fall. And the temperature. Hmmm...wonder what hikes would be gorgeous in the fall. Any ideas?

10.  A new book to read: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  I love being part of a book club because it gets me ready at least one book per month!  I also finished Love Warrior and am taking Brene Brown & Glennon Melton's online class "The Wisdom of Story" but I've only done one lesson out of four so far.

So that's this week! I would love to hear what you are grateful for today.



  1. Anonymous7:47 AM

    In my most honest opinion.... You should switch up the chairs. As soon as you put the white ones there you will step back and think it's way better. Just my two cents.

  2. Nice new table - for $5 and comfort, I think I would keep the chairs you scored for now. Fall is my favourite season, with spring being a close second.