Thursday, September 01, 2016

Thankful Thursday

It's so easy to get bogged down with negativity and/or hopelessness but taking time to practice gratitude can really change your day–it works for me!

This week I am thankful for:

1. A good book. I love learning about other cultures and appreciate that this was set in my very own community.

2.  A new show to watch with Gary on Netflix: Dark Matter.  It's hard finding a series that both Gary and I find intriguing (we both liked Stranger Things last month!).

{Screenshot from Netflix}

3.  A good summer.  We went to Great Wolf Lodge, Gary and I backpacked Elfin Lakes, the kids had their first overnight backpacking trip, camping at Deception Pass, and we had a one week road trip as a family of five.  You do realize, though, that our kids will write in their journals at school "This summer we went to Chuck E Cheese's".  *breathes deeply and pretends that wasn't their highlight*

4.  Camping gear! We accumulated a few new pieces of gear this summer and I'm looking forward to trying out my new stove  soon–love how compact it is as every piece needed fits inside!

5.  Kai's first backpacking pack.  I had a pack when I was 12 when I hiked the West Coast Trail but it was nothing like this–it was one of the old school external frame ones.  My first real one was my MEC one in 2001 which I still have today.  Lucky boy! I love that it grows with his body and that he will be able to pass it on to Koen and then Nya.  The plan is to head out on a trip this weekend as long as the rain isn't too bad!

6. Delicious healthy food. This nectarine blackberry salsa went with our salmon.  I love the summer for it's fresh fruit and berries. (Made by Gary, obviously).

7. Two extended family birthday celebrations.  Both Gary and I have all of our extended family within a one hour drive of our home. This means life can be a bit busier but we are also very thankful to have such awesome people in our lives.  This week we had a get together on both sides and it was good to see almost everyone before the back-to-school rigmarole.

8. Facebook friends sharing household tips!  We had a GIANT piece of sticker residue on our fridge (a Martha Stewart Menu Planning Sticker that we no longer used) and this was such an easy and cheap solution: Goo Gone!  Apparently this works very well on a multitude of sticky problems.

9. Boys sharing a room.  Their room is not Pinterest-worthy but they never complain about sharing this small/cluttered room and I love that they get to connect (without wrestling) as they unwind in their beds at the end of the night. Nya so wishes she had a sister to share with. 

10. Gary loving his job.  Teaching is exhausting and I'm so thankful that he's happy to return for his 16th year of teaching. Go, Gary, go! 

There you have it! Just a few things I'm thankful for this week.  I would love to hear yours!



  1. When asked what the highlight of camping was, Noah said, "The storm, because that made it so I got to watch Spider-Man." I know he truly loved all the other parts, but that was the "novelty". I'm thankful for time off in the summer to decompress and not worry about where I need to be and when.

    1. Ha, you so get it :) So glad you had a great relaxing summer, Terri!

  2. What children see as highlights are often very different than what adults might think! Hope your camping works out for the weekend. I am thankful for the relaxing time my husband and I are having at our cottage this week.

    1. I do love hearing their thoughts (well, unless it's complaining!) Your cottage sounds lovely, I feel like almost everyone in Ontario has one! So fun.