Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thankful Thursday


Every week I write down 10 things that I am grateful for.  This is not because I'm faking happiness, it's because it helps to refocus my mind on the good.  So, this week I am thankful for:

1. Filling up my "nature bucket".  I have realized I need a serious dose of nature each week or my well-being is affected.  We went to Lighthouse Park on Saturday afternoon and it was gorgeous and just what I needed.  In case you think my kids are like "Yahoo! Let's go hiking" it's not like that.  They tolerate it and usually don't complain while actually hiking/walking.

3.  Nya being good with daycare.  She goes once a week while I work and so far it's going well (she wasn't loving it at the end of last year which made me feel so guilty!)  Due to several meetings over the past two weeks and an inability to get anyone to watch her, I've had to put her in twice and she was okay. Glad they could take her and I can pay per hour.

4.  Energy to make homemade meals. It's one of my least favourite adult tasks–I'd rather clean bathrooms or vacuum, however, I just discovered watching Netflix while cooking and baking and it could be a game changer.  We'll see.  It will likely only be effective if I have two or less kids in the house.

5.  Dinner with a view.  This is Juniper Point at Lighthouse Park–isn't it lovely?!

6.  Sisters.  I came across this photo from when my parents took us to Hawaii in 1998-ish. So strange to think of a time when it was just us!

7.  Unique personalities.  Kai walks on the path, Koen jumps up over the log and zigzags through the forest.  This is how they do life, too.  Kai follows rules and takes the traditional approach.  Koen explores everything.

8. Samosas.  I love them.  No photo because they are in my belly and the leftovers went in the kids' lunches!

9. Fun Girl's Night.  My friend Leah and I went to the premiere of the Bachelorette Canada.  I do watch these shows because my life is full of serious mom stuff and I need a break!  We were in the live audience and although no one saw us on TV, our clapping was appreciated.  Yes, this is Daniel from the show.  He was nice (and not as tall as I thought!)

10. One on one time with Koen.  We raced his Grossery Gang characters down the slide at the park.  My job was to retrieve them and pass them back to him at the top of the slide. Normally I would not participate (because of the other kids I'm watching) so it was nice to hang out together.

11.  We are almost past the Candyland stage. I am done.  That's the one thing with fostering is that we don't get rid of our younger kid toys so we will likely have to hold onto this game...and I'll ask Nya to play with them :) 

Hope you are having a good week! I'd love to hear something you are thankful for.



  1. So nice to get out and explore/hike with the kids!
    Ps, I may reconsider getting the girls Candyland for Christmas ... Seems like a love/hate relationship

    1. Ha! Candyland is good for a year or two...I think I've been in it for about 8 years.

  2. Beautiful photos of Lighthouse Park. That is on my list of places to go on one of our visits to Vancouver.

    1. You'll love it! The Beacon Lane Trail is the one you'll want :)

  3. My soul totally does better when I get nature time too. And I love how your boys walk/hike the way they think :) Today I am thankful for fantastic coworkers that make crazy days manageable and for my husband's sweaters to cozy up in at the end of a long day.

    1. I love the image of being cozy in your husband's sweater at the end of the day!