Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Five Reasons to Love the MSR Windburner Stove System

As a person who has done many backpacking trips in her lifetime, having a good stove is an integral part of any trip.  From the West Coast Trail to Mount Baker to the Stein Valley there was nothing better at the end of a long hiking day than a good meal–I still remember some of my favourites from over 10 years ago (Pesto Chicken Pasta on the Stein Valley Trail in 2004 just to mention one).  From the very first time we used the Winderburner 1.8L Stove System , I knew it was a major win in our books.

Five Reasons I love the Windburner 1.8L Stove System:
1.  It is compact.  When hiking, every bit of space matters in your pack!  This unique design allows for the 1.8L pot to hold the fuel canister, stand, stove burner and PackTowl with the full-size bowl fitting onto the bottom.  It's also nice and light at 1 lbs 3 oz–another important aspect when carrying your pack for long distances!

2.  It is efficient. In windy conditions, it boils water in less time with less fuel.  For example, at 8 MPH, the Windburner 1.8L took 2:45 minutes to boil water and it's competitor was 5:11 minutes.  When the kids want soup or hot chocolate this efficiency is definitely appreciated.  I love that it was so easy to light in the wind as well.

3. Easy to use.  I like simple.  I get nervous sometimes when using stoves because of the gas and flames but I was able to figure this one out in minutes and feel 100% confident using it.

4.  Attention to details. I appreciate how the pot twists to lock on the stove and that there is an insulated handle for simple removal.  The stove lid has a straining and drinking port and the stand folds up to easily to fit inside the pot.  Finally, I love that you can buy accessories like a coffee press and skillet to fit with the system. Note that standard flat bottomed pots do not work on this stove.

5. It's affordable.  Due to the fact that it includes the stove, stand, pot, cup, and lid, it is priced well–especially with how efficient it is.  The cost is $129.95-$149.95.

I would highly recommend this stove for one to three travellers.  We were able to use it to make soup and hot chocolate for our family of five but any larger meals would require using the stove twice.  Also, the IsoPro Fuel is not included in the purchase but our canister cost just $7.25.

Cheers to a sweet new stove–perfect for backpacking, camping, or just a picnic along the river!


{We were provided with this MSR Windburner Stove System for review.  All opinions are my own–I love it!}

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