Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to Stay Warm and Comfortable While Camping

As I get older, my love for the outdoors continues to be a priority but a change I've noticed is that I like a bit more luxury; this willingness to spend a little extra money or add an extra pound to my pack is in the area of warmth and comfort.   I love versatile and innovative products and this Honcho Poncho by Therm-a-Rest is perfect for me!   We've taken it on three different adventures and this is how we used it...

The Honcho Poncho can be used three different ways.  The transformation from one way to another is seamless and practical.  One way my family loves to use it is as a blanket; not only does it keep me warm but whoever wants to snuggle gets to benefit as well.  It has a 37.5™ Insulation which means it prevents moisture and humidity buildup beneath the blanket while keeping you warm–it's breathable. 

{Using a SealLine Gear dry bag as a pillow}

Back in the day I would use a bag of clothes in a dry bag as a pillow when camping and backpacking, but now, there are actual backpacking pillow options! The Honcho Poncho is contained in a small pouch (which is a zippered pocket on the poncho) which acts as a pillow.  Ah, so comfy! 

Finally, on a rainy, cold day it not only keeps you warm but it's also water-resistant. There are two snaps on each side that turn the blanket into a poncho.  I wore the Honcho Poncho almost the entire day camping at Chilliwack Lake. On the website it asks "Ready to be the king or queen of the campfire?" Yes, I sure was. Also, please note that I don't love the smell of campfires on my clothes and gear but it is machine washable!  

Note the kangaroo pockets to keep your hands warm and the zippered pouch for whatever you need to take with you.  The zippered pouch is what the blanket gets stored in.  The Honcho Poncho does weigh 1 lbs 12 oz and is 12" x 14" when packed so that does need to be considered when preparing for a longer backpacking trip.

If you're looking for something to keep you warm watching your kids play soccer or around the campfire, this one-size-fits-all tech blanket may be the solution for you! 


{I was provided with a Honcho Poncho by Therm-a-rest to review.  Opinions are my own...and Nya's!}