Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Five things

One of my favourite things about my blog is that I can document things about the kids.  I love looking back and seeing where we were years ago.  Those things that I thought I would never, ever forget actually do fade away until I read about them again.  

Today, just a short post which includes five things about each kid.


{I got this dress in a 3T lot yesterday and she insisted on wearing it today.  Cute right?  She loves wearing dresses and I won't complain for one second about that.}

1.  Wakes up with a smile.  Seriously, a very happy child.  Gary and I look at her and melt.  We listen to her voice and melt.  We cuddle with her and melt. We are all so in love with her.
2.  Refuses all things `baby' (bibs, highchairs, cribs, diapers, naps) but will not give up her bottle of milk.  I think that is telling of her personality.  Fiercly independent yet still clings to comfort.
3.  Very petite.  Just 24 lbs (her brothers were at least 10 lbs heavier at this age, as was I!).
4.  Affectionate.  Love cuddles and hugs and often says `Hold you, mommy'.  She loves to give Koen kisses and hold his hand (yes, Koen, the one who bugs her all the time).  She always wants to be wherever her brothers are.
5. Enjoys colouring and is pretty good at puzzles.  She can count to 11 and speak in long sentences. 


1.  Is over the car stage.  He was into cars for over 2 years straight.  It's a bit sad for me actually as it was such a big part of him but I guess it's good to move on to other things!
2.  Has started playing video games but is also passionate about imaginative games.  He often plays `Amazing Race' or `The Price Is Right' with his stuffies.  Oh yes, the stuffies now also play `American Ninja Warrior'.  He, like Kai, is very competitive.
3.  Has started being more emotional.  He's trying to figure out how to deal with all these different feelings and will suddenly burst into tears.  I think that is common for this age.  Although he is very social, he needs periods of time alone to recharge.  He plays so well on his own.
4.  Very focused.  He does not see the big picture or what's going on around him.  If he is focused on a topic, you can't change it.  If he sees something he wants, he might walk into a window or tree or person because he is looking at just one thing.
5.  Very excited for kindergarten.  He cannot wait to be a big boy.   He's very social and academically I think he'll be just fine.  We have a countdown going.


1. Enjoys spending free time playing sports with the neighbour boys or whoever else will play.  Any sport will do.  
2. Is really into `American Ninja Warrior'.  He knows the competitors and stages well and often dreams of competing.   Do not be surprised if he breaks out into push ups at any time.
3. His favourite subject is math.  He is very good at it.  We do school books every other day and he almost always chooses to do math. 
4. Kai doesn't love time alone.  He loves to be with others.  Always.
5.  He will be eight years old this weekend! We will be having his `Amazing Race' party in a few weeks.  It's hard having parties in the summer, so few people can come.  By the way, he's only lost two lower teeth so far!

I cannot believe the energy that goes into raising these monkeys.  They exhaust me mentally and physically but they also make me laugh daily. I like seeing the world through their eyes.  

I hope you are having a good week!  We have two Korean students in our home for the next two weeks which adds a whole new dimension of interesting.  Kai and Koen are currently having a nerf gun fight with them in the basement and there's a lot of giggling going on.  Kai is soooo excited to have them here.


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